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CHIRON – A Myth Made Real

Chiron the Centaur, revered in Greek mythology as the epitome of wisdom and justice, stood as the esteemed mentor to legendary figures such as Hercules, Achilles, and Jason of the Argonauts. Renowned for his strategic prowess, philosophical depth, and profound appreciation for the arts, Chiron exemplified the pinnacle of intellect and virtue. In homage to the timeless virtues embodied by Chiron, the ACES Award trophy stands as a symbol of excellence, meticulously crafted to reflect the esteemed qualities we celebrate in today's captains of industry. Painstakingly designed and handcrafted by the master artisans of Royal Selangor, a distinguished Malaysian heritage brand, these pewter trophies epitomize the unwavering strength of visionary leadership, the adaptability of strategic acumen in the face of adversity, and the resolute determination of transformative change-makers.

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Each trophy, a testament to unparalleled achievement, is bestowed upon recipients to immortalize their remarkable feats. From the inaugural triumph marked by the Pioneer’s Centaur, to the sustained brilliance symbolized by the Visionary’s Gold Centaur for three-time winners, and culminating in the pinnacle of success embodied by the Maestro’s Onyx Centaur for those who have achieved five victories. The Virtuoso’s Black and Gold Centaur, the ultimate accolade reserved for seven-time champions, represents enduring excellence and unparalleled triumph. With production limited and exclusive copyrights held by the ACES Awards, the Chiron trophy stands as the ultimate testament to exceptional accomplishment—an aspirational emblem bestowed upon the deserving few who embody the essence of true greatness.

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This award recognises an entrepreneur who is 40 years or below and has shown exceptional business performance, having built a name for themselves regardless of boundaries that may come with age. He/she embodies fine values, strong beliefs and unwavering dedication in their entrepreneurial pursuit, thus serving as an inspiration for aspiring young leaders.