CHIRON – A Myth Made Real

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Chiron the Centaur was the wisest and most just of all centaurs in Greek mythology. He was tutor and advisor to Greek heroes Eke Hercules, Achilles and Jason of the Argonauts. A master strategist, he was also a philosopher, and lover of the arts.

The ACES Award trophy was designed to encompass the attributes of Chiron, which are brought to life by the captains of industry we honor. Bespoke and handcrafted by master craftsmen of Malaysian heritage brand, Royal Selangor, the beautiful pewter trophy is as solid as an exemplary leader's conviction, as fluid as their strategies in challenging situation, and as steady as the will of a true game-changer. Produced in limited numbers, and copyrighted to the ACES Awards, Chiron is the trophy of all trophies, an aspirational legend gifted to a true achiever.

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