Three ACES Awards winners recognised for setting exceptional standards in leadership and sustainability

The Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2021 has lauded three major companies for their persistent efforts in sustainability.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan was conferred the Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia award, while Indonesia’s PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL) received the Community Initiative Award. Bagging Asia’s Green Company of the Year award is Equinix Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong. 
The leaders of these firms were also acknowledged for their outstanding leadership. CPC Corporation, Taiwan’s acting chairman and president Shun-Chin Lee and APL’s president director Christophe J. Piganiol were both recognised with the Outstanding Leaders in Asia award, while Equinix’s Asia-Pacific president Jeremy Deutsch was among the recipients of the Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives award.

CPC Corporation, Taiwan

This strong contender in the petrochemical industry is also a leader in sustainability, aiming to protect the environment through sustainable operations while pursuing economic development.

Under Mr Shun-Chin Lee’s capable leadership, CPC Corporation, Taiwan has grown from strength to strength over the years. Photo: CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Leading a massive entity like CPC is no easy feat. Mr Lee is faced with the Herculean task of making sure that the company’s energy transition efforts are in line with the Taiwan government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions. 

CPC stays on track by adhering to four major principles: safety, stability, innovation and harmony. Mr Lee ensures that the corporation stays true to all four components through continuous investment in innovation as well as research and development, resulting in a diversified transformation for the brand. 

Although faced with many challenges, he strives to keep the company’s promise to protect the environment at all costs, picking up multiple awards and accolades for his (and CPC’s) exemplary efforts.

Outside of Taiwan, CPC’s operations include joint ventures with international oil companies in eight locations spanning six countries. It offers more than 5,000 product items to its trading partners, transportation operators as well as industrial and livelihood users (those who use their products to make a living, such as small stall operators and peddlers). 

CPC continues to set the benchmark for other firms through its “Supreme Quality, Superb Service, and Selfless Contribution” philosophy. Paired with Mr Lee’s strong and unyielding leadership, it continues to provide high-quality and value-for-money energy products to its partners and clients around the world. 

PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari (APL)

APL’s success stems from Mr Piganiol’s visionary leadership and ideas. Through four key pillars – improving health outcomes, nurturing talent, respecting the environment and setting the highest standard of integrity – the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is exemplary.

Mr Christophe J. Piganiol, president director of PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari, has helped his company set high standards in innovative technology in the healthcare services industry. Photo: PT Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari

As Indonesia’s leading healthcare services company, APL’s ultimate goal is to build a healthier future for the country. 

Under Mr Piganiol’s watchful eyes, it has managed to set high standards in the industry and emerge as a leader in innovative technology and data analytics by continuously setting the bar high, exceeding expectations and showing the highest standards of integrity and compliance. It also actively engages clients, customers, healthcare professionals, trade associations, employees and their families as well as other local communities. 

As a well-rounded leader, Mr Piganiol strongly emphasises the importance of employee engagement, growth and recognition. Staff are not only given training and ample opportunities to grow but are also empowered to see the bigger picture – that what they do is beyond working for the company and that they are part of a force that is committed to making healthcare more accessible for Indonesians. 

Mr Piganiol also strives to be a role model for his team, while understanding each of his team members’ competencies to bring out the best in them. He powered through the Covid-19 pandemic by constantly communicating with employees, distributors and clients, further cementing his reputation as an exemplary leader. 

Equinix Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong

Digital infrastructure company Equinix Asia-Pacific and Hong Kong’s pledge to protect the planet and people through clean energy has been lauded by ACES. 

Equinix’s Asia-Pacific president Jeremy Deutsch has spearheaded his company’s digital efforts to drive change for a more environmentally sustainable future.Photo: Equinix Asia-Pacific

As a digital leader, Equinix harnesses the power of technology and interconnectivity to create a more sustainable future for all. It has designed a set of connected environmental, social and governance initiatives to positively impact the world.

Each of its data centres was designed with high operational standards and energy efficiency in mind. The company has more than $129 million in energy efficiency upgrades, retrofits and improvements, and is constantly seeking new ways to innovate.

All these efforts are spearheaded by Mr Deutsch, who also handles the company’s business and growth strategy, and is responsible for aligning regional goals with global ones so as to ensure that customers achieve their digital transformation objectives. 

With over 20 years of experience in information and communications technology,  Mr Deutsch now oversees Equinix’s businesses in Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. 

He is also a transformational leader who has demonstrated an unwavering spirit through his relentless appetite to drive change and ensure environmental sustainability for everyone. 

Originally published in The Business Times (November 19, 2021)

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