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Community Initiative Award

WP Energy Public Company Limited

Community Initiative Award


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The power to invoke change.

Winning Thai hearts through community-centric initiatives.

WP Energy Public Company Limited (WP) is a company incorporated in Thailand in 2014. It is involved in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) trading business under the Worldgas trademark. Worldgas is currently the strongest LPG brand in Thailand, with WP striving to be the regional leader in the energy business with service innovation excellence. 

Serving over five million households in Thailand, WP’s business encompass three main sectors, namely industrial, auto gas and cooking gas. Operating five LPG terminals and ten LPG filling plants, the company’s facilities are located at strategic points at the centre of each region, which is able to support LPG demand throughout the nation, from LPG service stations, gas filling plants, gas stores, and commercial and industrial groups. 

WP was recognized as “Best Renewable Energy (LPG) Efficient Provider” at the Global Awards by Global Banking and Finance Awards, and its initiatives named “Most Innovative CSR Initiative” by International Finance Awards for two consecutive years. These awards are testament of WP’s organizational success as a model of stable and sustainable growth, commitment to business operation under corporate governance codes, and ethical business operations encompassing social, community and environmental responsibility. 

As an energy service provider, WP has established policies and goals for sustainability management, with a practical framework in place, in line with international sustainability management guidelines and the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This policy has been applied at all levels of the Group’s supply chain, with all executives and employees responsible for supporting, driving and performing their duties in compliance with defined policies and the framework of sustainability management. 

Throughout the years, WP has driven its business under the power of positive thinking which fuels the company’s social responsibility and care for community, environment, as well as all stakeholders and related parties. 

In their effort to create an impact by building positive change for the economy, society and environment, WP focuses on strategic corporate social responsibility (CSR), which combines internal and external CSR initiatives, and engages business partners from all sectors to collectively advance corporate and social values.

WP’s initiative of “We Promise” outlines four important areas that impact the community, namely improving quality of life, much needed focus on art and culture, the support of children, and preserving the environment.

In improving quality of life, WP acknowledges that creating jobs and generating more income within the community was imperative to the social good and economic prosperity. Focusing on support for the local food industry, campaigns such as ‘The World’s Best Street Food by Worldgas’ and ‘Celeb Chef Thailand’ strived to bring opportunity and awareness to the industry, with the hopes of developing more talent, and sustainably up-skilling personnel in the food industry.

Recognizing that art and culture are deeply rooted in the Thai community, WP then launched a campaign to support talents in the fashion industry with collaboration from leading talents in the Thai food industry. This resulted in initiatives like ‘World Curated by WP Energy X Thai Designers X Wang Hinghoi Fashion Show’ and ‘Bangkok Design Week X World Curated by WP Energy’.

Another initiative by WP in support of children was ‘Full Belly… Warm Smile with Worldgas’, a project which has spanned over the last nine years. Through this initiative, children living around WP’s gas storage warehouses were provided with nutritious meals and cooking gas as well as given scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education. To date, 48 schools and 6,480 students have been impacted by this project.

On the environmental front, WP hopes to raise awareness of conservation through partnering with Elephant World Sanctuary Park Kanchanaburi, a project that aimed to lessen the problem of wandering, injured or disabled elephants.

“WP Energy Public Company Limited has one of the most clearly defined CSR plans of this year’s nominees. By placing its product at the centre of some of its outreaches, it has achieved both community care and brand building, as evidenced by its decade-long ‘Full Belly… Warm Smile with Worldgas’, project which has benefitted children living around WP’s gas storage warehouses through nutritious meals, cooking gas for their families, and a chance at higher education.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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