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“The People Make the Company”

Viventis’ move to a people-centric approach in unleashing the potential of their people, teams, candidates and organizations has been rewarding.

Viventis Search Asia (“Viventis”) was established in 2001 and registered in the Philippines. Viventis is a leading human capital solutions firm based in Manila, Philippines, with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It provides end-to-end solutions that are focused on connecting the right people to the right company (Talent Acquisition) and enabling their development with the use of the latest learning platforms and recruitment technologies (Talent Development and Career Technology). Viventis is one of the pioneers in the Talent Acquisition space in the Philippines that offers staffing solutions from Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation, Volume Hiring, and Interim Management.  Its team of experts is recognized across industries such as Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Financial Services, Retail, Industrial, and Hospitality. 

Centered on its purpose which is to put people at the forefront , Viventis’ sustainable strategy is divided into three focus areas: socially responsible human resource management practices wherein it focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) and gender parity in its internal recruitment and for its clients; People-Centric Approach and Common Good Practices where solidarity principles are the main focus in its efforts to ensure that its employees get what they need to advance in their professional and personal lives; and Green Human Resource Management Practices where Viventis’ focus is to build a habit of eco-friendly practices for its stakeholders, 

Viventis’ people who are the main drivers of the organization consist of experts in the industry but over the years, they have been welcoming career shifters and those who decide the return to the company after taking a break. One of its successful management trainee programs launched in 2022 is the Viventis Career Accelerator program which helps aspiring human resources (HR) professionals stay ahead with the latest skills in talent attraction from its sourcing strategies to gaining knowledge of how recruitment technologies can help them become better Career Advisors. 

Staying true to its purpose of putting people first, when Viventis sources candidates, it ensures that it gives them opportunities to grow in the organization by assessing their skills and aligning its job offer with their respective career goals. Viventis provides equal leadership opportunities for high-performing individuals and equitable pay which focuses on providing fair compensation and benefits to ensure that its employees are well supported by the organization in meeting their personal and professional goals. In order to support its people’s career advancement and celebrate their wins, Viventis ensures that they receive the right amount of incentives and recognition on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Employee Development and Experience are at the forefront of the company’s retention strategy. In order to ensure that its employees excel in their respective roles, Viventis creates developmental plans for them and offers mentorship programs, and skills and leadership training.

At Viventis, nothing is more important than the health, happiness and the overall well-being of its employees. Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, the management decided to keep 100% of its employees and even found ways as to how they can further their development in the organization giving better career opportunities to those who are qualified by being transferred to other departments. In terms of health, the organization conducts annual physical examinations to ensure that its employees are fit to work or are supported in case they experience major ailments. Aside from this, Viventis also provides them with health maintenance organization (HMO) cards and medical allowances. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, 

Viventis’ employees were struggling with work-life boundary blurring from working at home. To ensure employees are supported, Viventis launched wellness programs focused on giving employees a chance to showcase their respective hobbies and passion projects to others, such as teaching about financial stability, photography, and yoga sessions. By doing so, Viventis hoped to enhance its employees’ physical and emotional health while simultaneously enhancing productivity and engagement.

Lastly, Viventis also opens up opportunities for internships to help prepare graduating students for their future employment. The company’s internship programs are centered around exposing them to projects that can help build their skills and increase their employability. The Young Sales Leaders Fast-Track Program and Viventis Career Accelerator Programs are programs organized for fresh graduates, young professionals and career shifters designed to offer valuable insights, unique experiences, and skills for them to excel as future industry experts and high-performing professionals.

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