Viet Nam Dairy Products JSC. (VINAMILK)


Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia

Viet Nam Dairy Products JSC. (VINAMILK)

Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia


about Viet Nam Dairy Products JSC. (VINAMILK)

For the Welfare of People and More.

The Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company demonstrates ethical integrity that has been second to none

Founded in 1976, the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company, or Vinamilk, is the largest dairy company in Vietnam, producing over 250 products including fresh and nutritious milk, products for pregnancy and infants, baby food, nutrition products for adults, spoon yoghurt, yoghurt and juice milk drinks, condensed milk, plant-based milk, beverages, and more.

Today, Vinamilk distributes its products, which are proudly in compliance with international standards, to 30 countries worldwide. Besides being the 15h largest company in Vietnam, Vinamilk has also garnered various acclaims and recognitions, such as being listed as part of Vietnam’s 50 Top Valuable Brands by Forbes Vietnam from 2016 to 2020, and the Top 10 Vietnamese High Quality Product list by the Association of Vietnamese High Quality Products from 1995 to 2020.

With a mission to deliver valuable nutrition to communities with respect, love, and responsibility, Vinamilk steadfastly champions sustainable values across 6 key aspects, including product safety and quality, assurance of working conditions, local economic development, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, animal welfare, in its commitment towards sustainable development goals and social responsibilities.

Vinamilk’s sustainable values are defined by its CEO and Board of Directors, managed by its Sustainability Development Council, and implemented company-wide. THrough a project with the Sustainable Development Framework for the Global Dairy Industry (DSF), Vinamilk has identified 4 materiality areas that are the most crucial and guide the direction of its sustainable development: Environment, Society, Economy, and Industry Standards.

These 4 materiality areas are then broken down into smaller segments, with 11 sustainable development orientation focuses and 6 priorities, comprising product safety and quality, working condition, local economy, greenhouse gas emissions, animal welfare, and waste. Aligning its sustainable values with global environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) standards, Vinamilk has instigated comprehensive actions towards a green footprint while also taking care of the society both internally and externally.

In regards to the environment, Vinamlk’s energy management system has been accredited by the ISO 50001 energy management system, with its 9 plants powered by a green energy steam system and its factories and farms by solar energy. On top of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by over 84 tons annually, Vinamilk has also put innovations in place to reduce plastic, and save energy and resources.

Furthermore, 100% of its wastewater from production activities is treated to meet standards before being discharged into the environment. Amongst its other favourable outcomes consists of a low carbon footprint, farms that are 100% free from chemical fertilisers, and good cow welfare that is focused on humane husbandry and healthy livestock farming.

As for its 7,933 employees, Vinamilk has achieved an overall satisfaction rate of 88.4% in 2021, with 100% of its staff periodically evaluated on their performance to identify areas of growth for their career development, which are subsequently followed by apt training courses. In fact, Vinamilk tops the list of Most Attractive Employers in the FMCG Industry by Career Builder, and is 2nd on the Most Attractive Employers in 2021 list as acknowledged by Anphabe, Vietnam’s professional networking community.


Externally, Vinamilk prioritises common corporate responsibilities over its private interests, and has ascertained food security for the people, offering them a gift of health, particularly throughout the pandemic. In light of COVID-19 and its impacts, Vinamilk also fittingly stepped up to provide aid to the community, particularly by supporting frontline forces with its products and donating vaccines as well as products to children as well as those in need. In total, over 100 billion VND have been syphoned into these initiatives from the beginning of the pandemic.


Backed by impeccable corporate governance and transparency, Vinamilk clinches the title amongst the Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia by ACES. This award attests to Vinamilk’s ethical integrity throughout its operations that has been second to none. Furthermore, it speaks of the company’s responsible business practices that are sustained across its core business activities, with a genuine interest in the wellbeing of all stakeholders.


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