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In 2018, True’s contribution expenses for CSR amounted to approximately 356 million Baht: 38 percent of which were cash contributions, 19 percent for community investment, and 42 percent for commercial programs. In addition, the telco also supported employee man-hours for CSR projects which ran into 25,000 man-hours. The employees of True volunteered under the True Asia volunteer program, while other employees supported the activities by ordering business cards produced by the children of the Thai Autistic Foundation, or buying products under the brand ArtStory by Autistic Thai.

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True Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand

True By Name, True By Nature

Giving autism a voice.

True Corp. Public Co., Ltd. is a Thailand-based telecommunications services provider which offers various other value added services, including digital data network, public telephones, multimedia, Internet services, mobile phone service, and pay TV. The company was founded on November 13, 1990 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

True applies its expertise in telecommunication and digital technologies to create social value and support collaborative approaches to sustainable development. It has developed a sustainability framework which is aligned with Charoen Pokphand CP Group’s sustainability principles of ‘Three Benefits’, which are country, people and company-serving.
True has chosen to commit to creating a better quality of life and occupational potential for autistic persons and their families. The company has also committed to boosting the awareness of autism in the country. To this end, it has created a showcase through the Creating a Better Life for People with Autism project which began in 2014, and which it continues to support. The company achieved measurable success through its series of free True Autistic applications for autistics to improve their learning and communications ability. These apps garnered around 74,000 downloads, and the company donated 2,229 True tablets equipped with these autistic applications to families with autistic children. A total of 1,776 children and 2,500 family members and teachers were trained to use the app. According to a survey conducted among the participating families, 70 percent of autistic children were able to improve their learning and living skills, while 60 percent with moderate ability were able to follow the instructions as guided by the applications. Train the Trainer sessions are also organized annually to update instructors/caretakers of autistic children, and provide them with a platform for knowledge-sharing and best practices.
True strives to improve occupational opportunities for autistic people and families. By establishing 56 Autistic Center locations around Thailand, True is able to help autistic children with potential career development by providing pre-vocational training i.e. office work, computer usage, coffee shop operations, agriculture activities, sculpture, and job coaching programs. This training prepares autistic children and young adults to earn income.

For its part, the company has provided job opportunities to 39 autistic persons at the True Group and True Coffee chain. True also creates income opportunities for autistic by extending their media channels to sell products made by autistic children via the True Group’s online shopping site as well as two of Thailand’s leading online shopping websites.
The company helps boost the awareness of autistic people in the community by collaborating with the Autistic Thai Foundation to organize numerous recreational activities, such as sports days, Autistic Awareness days and Public Service Announcements via the True Group’s media channels. The company was successful in seeking the support and co-operation of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to help address social needs.

These initiatives are aligned with one of the company’s corporate sustainability goals 2020, which is to improve the quality of life of at least 10,000 members of various vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, by using the company’s key strengths in telecommunications and digital technology.

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