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Sustainability Rising Star Award

Theme Resorts & Spas Private Limited

Sustainability Rising Star Award



Not just a place for good times, the social ethic of Theme Resorts & Spas is built on the ‘prosper thy neighbour’ belief, making the company a beacon in sustainability

about Theme Resorts & Spas Private Limited

Theme for a sustainability dream.

The perfect balance of style and substance. 

Established in 2014 in Sri Lanka, Theme Resorts & Spas Private Limited (Theme Resorts & Spas) is a local hotel collection curating regional authentic experience. Theme Resorts & Spas owns and manages resorts with distinctive themes that relate to life in Sri Lanka. Uniquely located in terrains of breath-taking vistas, the corporation builds structures that blend in with their surroundings in a sustainable yet distinctive style. 

Its resort collection consists of Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa – Passekudah, Aliya Resort & Spa – Sigiriya, Kithala Resort, Tissamaharama – Yala, Mountbatten Bungalow – Kandy, Scottish Planter Bungalow – Nuwara Eliya, Ayurvie Retreat – Weligama, Ayurvie Retreat – Sigiriya, Wild Glamping – Knuckles and Tea & Experience Factory – Mandaram Nuwara.

The overarching sustainable policy of Theme Resorts & Spas is based on two fundamental pillars, namely environment and social, highlighting its formal pledge to the protection, conservation and upliftment of the environmental and social bottom lines within and beyond the company whilst driving sustainable economic growth. The twin pillars of sustainability have been developed to encompass some of the key impact areas of the tourism industry; such as the environment, employees, local community, local culture and heritage.

Some examples of the effort put into conserving the environment are the adoption of architectural designs that make optimal use of natural lighting and ventilation across all hotels, and the maintenance of inhouse organic gardens that contribute to the overall fruits and vegetables requirement in most of its hotels. In addition, Aliya Resort & Spa has the only established paper recycling plant managed by a hotel in Sri Lanka, to reprocess the paper-based waste produced within the hotel. Paper-based waste is recycled and reproduced  on site to make paper-based products which are then reused within the hotel and its sister properties.

Some initiatives undertaken for the upliftment of the local community are generating employment through the creation of job opportunities within the hotels where it prioritizes hiring from the local community, sourcing hotel day-to-day requirements (for example, fruits and vegetables) from surrounding local communities to stimulate local economy, and having dedicated corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives specifically aimed at marginalized rural communities. Theme Resorts & Spas also provides its employees with sustainability education and training to improve their knowledge on sustainable business operations, and encourages its employees to actively take part in the company’s sustainability initiatives.

As of 2020, the company has two dedicated CSR programmes which are run simultaneously throughout the year. Reconstruire et Vivre (Rebuild & Live), the long-standing CSR arm founded and run by the founders and directors of Connaissance De Ceylan and Theme Resorts & Spas, is an umbrella initiative that collectively conducts and coordinates a number of socio-economic development projects in various parts of the country with the aim of bettering the lives of marginalized local communities. Some of its notable contributions include housing projects, preschool projects and learning centre projects. 

Theme Resorts & Spas’ latest CSR initiative is Biodiversity Educational Research Initiative (BERI) which was developed to address one of the longstanding sustainability related concerns in Sri Lanka, i.e. biodiversity conservation. The main scope of BERI is to establish centres to facilitate research promotion and education for local and international students, researchers and other interested stakeholders on Sri Lankan biodiversity. BERI envisages to establish four distinctive research facility centres across four different locations in Sri Lanka. The first phase is currently underway in Sigiriya. In addition, the facilitation of biodiversity-related research within the country has already begun under the complete sponsorship and guidance of BERI.

“Not just a place for good times, the social ethic of Theme Resorts & Spas is built on the ‘prosper thy neighbour’ belief, making the company a beacon in sustainability”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“Resorts built to complement individual terrains, utilizing energy-efficient designs, coupled with a socially conscious management mindset, makes this corporation an organization to look up to”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards

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