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Top Community Care Companies In Asia

The Shell Company Of Thailand Limited

Top Community Care Companies In Asia



The Shell Company of Thailand has successfully identified the places in community which would best benefit from the petrol giant’s expertise, and has effortlessly stepped in to provide necessary community engagement.

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The Shell Company of Thailand

The Energy To Go Further

Shell-ing out on the environment.

The Shell Company of Thailand (Shell Thailand) is part of The Shell Group, a global energy and petrochemical company. Established in Thailand in 1964, this household brand name has its core business entrenched in meeting the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable.
Shell Thailand is committed to safety, the environment and communities. The company extends their care towards society and the local community through various programs, with sustainability being one of the key areas of priority. Shell believes in providing energy in a responsible manner while respecting people, their safety and the environment. These sustainability goals are aligned with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), such as ending poverty, improving health and education, making cities sustainable and tackling climate change. Shell Thailand has embraced the SGDs and has incorporated them into their corporate strategies and operations of its business goals, which include excellent business performance, thriving through energy transition, responsibility as a company, and highly engaged employees and contractors.
In 2017, Shell Thailand and its global operations sought to achieve 20 percent of their fuel business from low-emission energy solutions. This has been possible with the use of biofuels and electrification of transport system, and using higher ethanol and palm oil blend ratios. The company continuously sources and develops renewable energy and natural gas to provide options of clean energy, and aims to reduce carbon emissions from their retail and operation sites by powering service stations with solar panels. Shell has also targeted to reduce 50 percent of carbon emissions from depots and campuses and decrease plastic and waste from retail and operation sites by 50 percent respectively.
Shell Thailand, as an influential member of the global oil and gas industry association (IPIECA), has collaborated with the UN Development Programme and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation to develop a report titled, Mapping the Oil and Gas Industry to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas.

On the social front, Shell Thailand aspires to be a leader in providing social development programmes that contribute to goodwill, lifelong learning, and the fulfilment of personal goals of individuals in the community and their staff. Its Country Social Investment strategy integrates the community’s societal needs into its business priority, and the programs are driven with the overarching corporate mantra, to ‘Make Life’s Journey Better.’
Thailand has one of the world’s highest rate of road accidents. To make a positive difference to Thai society, Shell Thailand chose to spearhead the School Road Safety program by partnering with Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP). The ‘School Road Safety’ program aims to reduce the number of road accidents by driving greater awareness and providing road safety knowledge among elementary grade students, their parents and teachers. It also aims to stimulate safe travelling for students by securing support from both public and private organisations.

Shell Thailand is committed to contributing to Community Skill & Enterprise Development (CSED) to improve the quality of life and occupational skill for disadvantaged students and children with disabilities. The company has been partnering with Mechai Viravaidaya Foundation to establish an agricultural enterprise, the Lifelong Learning Center, which acts as a hub for economic and social advancement, and provides training in modern agricultural and business skills. Besides the training, agriculture produce cultured at the centre help provide sustenance to students and generate income to supplement the budget of the school. Members from surrounding communities are invited to participate as well.

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