The Bangchak Petroleum


Most Socially Responsible Company Of The Year

The Bangchak Petroleum

Most Socially Responsible Company Of The Year


About bangchak Petroleum

“The company was founded on the principle that it will be a driving force in the development of teh quality of life of Thais from its very establishment”

he Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited (Bangchak) was established and registered in Bangkok, Thailand in 1984. It is a petroleum refining business, with related downstream businesses. The company made a profit of US$143 million in its last financial year.

At any given time, Bangchak pursues many CSR/CSV projects in addition to the integrated in-process CSR operations carried out by the company. The activities are separated into in-process CSR activities, and after-process activities. In-process CSR activities include investments and improvements in business operations such as Green Process (investments towards becoming a low carbon company), Green Service Station (producing and retailing the highest quality, environmentally friendly products), and Green Energy Business (investments in renewable energy production). After-process CSR work include community-centred programmes such as Project Citizen and Bangchak Futsal Youth .
CSR and CSV spending is incorporated into the day-to-day business operations as part of the company’s belief that business operations must be in harmony with the environment and society. The company’s vision of Greenergy Excellence is to create an energy business that is environmentally friendly, and suitable for sustainable development.

Greenergy Excellence divides the company’s stakeholders into three groups into which various activities can be grouped. The first include the shareholders, business partners, customers and creditors, with which the company does business with under good corporate governance policies that ensure constant growth and fair returns. The second group includes society, the communities, and environment, where most of the CSR activities are most visible.

Community-oriented programmes empower local refinery communities and cooperatives throughout the country to be active, sustainable, and self-reliant. Societal level initiatives include active promotion of environmentally and renewable energy alternatives for the general public as well as nation-wide programmes for schools and youths under the Thailand Go Green initiative.

At the employee level, the company actively pursues the Happy Workplace strategy to develop employees professionally as well as to promote mental and physical well-being. The company was founded on the principle that it would be a driving force in the development of the quality of life of Thais from the very establishment of the company.
Depending on the scope of a particular campaign, the number and variety of initiatives aim to engage society as a whole. Since individuals and communities are the foundations of a society, Bangchak aims to mold civic and community participation among youths. Community empowerment can be seen in the Bangchak Cooperation Service Station Project which has been ongoing for over 25 years.

CSR, both in-process and after-process, add value in to the company by creating a balance between business returns, and value to society and the environment. In-process CSR aims to minimise adverse effects from business operations, while maintaining business returns for investors and shareholders. The transparency, accountability, and auditability of these processes are the foundations of a company that is known for its responsibility and trustworthiness from years of dedicated improvement for its stakeholders.

On a larger scale, Bangchak’s promotion of renewable energy and clean energy has resulted in the widespread adoption of renewable energy in Thailand, and progressive state policies that promote the development and expansion of renewable energy on a national level. The company’s initiatives with communities and agricultural cooperatives across the country has brought great improvement to the quality of life of farmers, and creates a mutual and intimate trust between these communities and the company, making Bangchak an integral part of Thai society.

Aside from in-process CSR projects that integrate CSR goals into the day-to-day business operations of the company, the numerous other CSR/CSV programmes are employee-initiated and supported by Bangchak’s management. Programmes such as the Bangchak School Lunch Programme was initiated by employees who wanted to contribute to the development of children in local schools, who are often from underprivileged families. CSR activities are supported by employees in a volunteer capacity because often these activities take place after work or on weekends. CSR participation has also been incorporated into employee KPls, with superiors expected to allow time for employees to participate in CSR activities.

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