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“Thai Union Group’s Oceanic Commitment to Sustainability”

Thai Union Group is an Established Leader in the Seafood Industry with a Strong Commitment to Sustainability

Established in 1977 in Thailand, Thai Union Group Public Company Limited (“Thai Union Group”) is a global leader in the seafood industry. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Thai Union Group has expanded its operations and offers high-quality seafood products to consumers around the world. The company’s diverse brand portfolio, including well-known names like Chicken of the Sea, John West, and Petit Navire, has solidified its reputation as a premier seafood provider. Thai Union Group’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability is evident through its various initiatives and commitments that focus on reducing its environmental impact and promoting a responsible seafood industry.

In mid-2023, Thai Union Group launched SeaChange® 2030, the next stage of its global sustainability strategy aiming to help reshape the seafood industry with solutions across people and planet that better sustain a future for all. SeaChange® 2030 is a significant expansion of the company’s sustainability strategy, first created in 2016, due to its 11 interconnected goals that will drive global impact for both people and planet. The commitments actively support the delivery of 10 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Thai Union Group places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company employs a comprehensive system for monitoring various environmental indicators, each vital for assessing and managing its environmental impact. Key indicators include greenhouse gas emissions, water use, energy consumption, waste generation, and sustainable seafood sourcing. The company’s approach to data collection is meticulous, as it tracks greenhouse gas emissions from Scope 1, 2 and 3 sources, encompassing both direct and indirect emissions, and aims to reduce those emissions by 42% by 2030. In addition, water use data is collected from the company’s own operations and its extensive network of suppliers.

Thai Union Group’s dedication to environmental sustainability extends to multiple areas. The company’s commitment to achieving zero food loss aligns with its “Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans” mission. It focuses on improving packaging across its products to lessen the environmental impact of these products, prioritizing sustainability in packaging through ongoing innovation research, with a goal that 100% of branded products will be in sustainable packaging by 2025. This ensures a continuous pipeline of improvements aimed at achieving goals for carbon footprint reduction and environmentally-friendly packaging.

An essential aspect of Thai Union Group’s sustainability strategy is responsible sourcing. The company acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the fish it sources. Tuna, a significant part of Thai Union Group’s business, plays a vital role in its sustainability commitments. Under SeaChange® 2030, Thai Union Group has committed to achieving 100% of wild-caught seafood being sourced responsibly or from a fishery in an improvement program and with responsible labor practices, extending the company’s scope beyond tuna to other key species. 

The company is unwavering in its commitment to protect the environment. It actively explores innovative initiatives to reduce natural resource consumption and minimize adverse environmental impacts. By 2030, the company will implement zero water discharge, zero waste to landfill and zero food loss at its five key global facilities. 

Efforts to address environmental challenges extend to Thai Union Group’s operations on land as well. Under its Responsible Agriculture commitment to 2030, 100% of soy and palm oil sourced by Thai Union will be certified, ensuring zero deforestation across the supply chain, helping preserve biodiversity and protecting sensitive habitats. Since 2021, Thai Union Group has also ensured that newly established operational sites are not located in close proximity to protected forest areas or sites of globally important biodiversity. The company has also committed to contributing THB 250 million (more than USD 7 million) toward the protection and restoration of critical ecosystems by 2030, including mangrove and coral reef restoration projects. In addition, Thai Union Group will contribute THB 250 million to give back to the communities in which it operates, reflecting its determination to safeguard the communities where it operates.

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