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Top Community Centric Companies in Asia

Takeda Healthcare Philippines, Inc.

Top Community Centric Companies in Asia


about Takeda Healthcare Philippines, Inc.

“People first”

Takeda Healthcare Philippines (THPI) emphasises on being patient-first and makes social impact a shared responsibility.

Takeda Healthcare Philippines (THPI) was founded in 1968 in Metro Manila, the Philippines. The healthcare institution aims to broaden patient accessibility to treatment across the country via sustainable access programs, enabling affordable and integrated solutions for disease areas like oncology, gastroenterology, and rare diseases and vaccines. Under the stewardship of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, THBI operates with an unwavering commitment to prioritising patients, the people, and the planet, as per its corporate philosophy of ‘Better health for people, brighter future for the world’ while being guided by its values of Takeda-ism, incorporating integrity, fairness, honesty, and perseverance.

Acknowledged as one of the Top Community Centric Companies in Asia, THPI prides itself on an integrated, collaborative, and sustainable approach to patient access in order to address the challenges health systems and patients face across the world, tailoring its approach based on country needs and demographics as well as placing its focus diseases with the highest unmet needs to bring its high-quality and innovative medicines to patients.

In the Philippines, one of the main barriers to treatment access is the lack of financial support, both from the government or public healthcare institutions. Hence, THPI has formulated a holistic and customised financial scheme for Filipino patients in need. The scheme allows for the determination of treatment costs based on the patients’ capacity to pay, which subsequently ensures an equitable framework that is sustainable for both the patients and THPI. This scheme, called the Patient Assistance Program (PAP), is further supported by a global governance and financial support system.

In order to ensure sustainability, THPI partners with various stakeholder groups to drive greater disease awareness, timely and accurate diagnosis, and provide appropriate treatment, patient support and care. To date, THPI has benefited over 600 Filipino patients in completing innovative treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, supported over 1,500 healthcare professionals in the education of hematologic cancer management, provided free CD30 screening for 62 patients, and trained more than 1,700 pathologists and 1,900 oncology nurses. Its most recent milestone was its Access to Medicines Summit in 2022, which was organised to enable all relevant stakeholder groups to convene on supporting access for more patients, in line with SDG targets.

Evidently, THPI’s exemplary governance and oversight of sustainability is optimal, setting the foundation for and guiding its employees to demonstrate its corporate philosophy, which puts into action the values the company practices at every level and throughout its operations. As an award-winning global, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical company, THPI also prioritises other economic, environmental, and social (EES) impact areas in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), properly managing its risks to create long-term value across its entire value chain and maintaining the highest ethical business standards.

THPI places equal emphasis on delivering an exceptional experience to its own people, and prioritises strengthening its culture and sense of community while offering a lifelong learning and talent development experience. Besides diversity, equity and inclusion workshops, employee mentoring, and career development programs implemented in 2022, THPI currently ranks 8th in the 2022 Best Workplaces in the Philippines in its category and is also a certified Great Place to Work in 2021 and 2022. On the AtM Index, Takeda globally ranks 6th overall in recognition as an industry leader in R&D building capacity. These recognitions are a testimony of the unrelenting dedication THPI creates for its patients, partners, and the community.

THPI illustrates the pinnacle of what success should be – a shared responsibility. By leading together, THPI trusts that the collective will have a greater opportunity to thrive. Since its founding, the healthcare institution’s values endure by putting patient needs first, building trust with society, strengthening its reputation, and developing the business, in that order. Beyond incentives, it truly gives operating a business an entirely deeper meaning.

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