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Best Company To Work For Of The Year


About SPi Global

“The company’s attrition rate is at an industry-best of 45 percent, with the prevailing attrition rate among BPO companies hovering at around 60 – 90 percent.”

Pi Global is one of the world’s largest and most diversified Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service providers, in terms of clients, geographic presence, and capabilities.

Having begun as a content outsourcing provider in 1980, SPi Global is now the Philippines’ most internationally-recognised full-service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, with domain expertise in the Content Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, and Healthcare markets. The company also provides services across a wide range of industries, including banking and financial services, legal, government, information technology, media, not-for-profit organisations, retail, and travel .
As pioneers in KPO and CRM outsourcing for more than three decades, SPi Global has a deeply-ingrained focus on best practices across all levels and activities. The company has built a robust and scalable international operating platform, and employs 22,000 personnel in the Philippines, India, Vietnam, China, Nicaragua, the United States, Australia, and Europe. It boasts significantly lower staff turnaround compared to other BPO companies.

SPi Global manages to retain staff by constantly striving to enrich the lives of its employees through a culture of excellence, via an umbrella programme called E3 (Enhancing Employee Experience). E3 is employee-centric initiative that responds to both career and personal development needs, developing awareness and pride among employees, while engaging them to embrace corporate social responsibility.

Some of the specific, unique, and innovative approaches in the various programmes under E3 include employees as business managers, employees as front liners in value creation, creative recruitment efforts, and more robust HR touch points. The company scored a 95 percent participation rate in its most recent employee satisfaction survey, with overall employee satisfaction measured at 83 percent.
SPi Global’s company culture is best described following the values of the ‘I AM MoRe’ (Integrity, Accountability, Malasakit, Meritocracy, and Respect) acronym. ‘Malasakit’ is a Filipino word which means genuine care and concern. All policies, benefits, and employee programmes at SPi Global represent how the company lives up to its values.

The Human Resources division is integral to the success of this endeavor, acting as a business partner which actively supports the company’s global business operations. The division also assists in the establishing of several Townhall meetings a year, with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) meeting employees twice yearly, while Business Unit Heads confer with employees quarterly. Department heads often conduct monthly meetings, with managers and supervisors holding weekly meetings.

When polled, SPi Global employees stated that the top three things they valued about their company were (1) malasakit – as seen in the results of the employee satisfaction survey, where interpersonal relationships/trust among colleagues and immediate superiors scored the highest -(2) the culture of excellence fostered through ASPiRE University and various E3 training programmes, and (3) the quality of leadership and management.
To build camaraderie, team-building activities for individual departments take place annually. There are four major events per quarter, all geared toward creating a bonding culture. These are CSR Day, Summer Holiday, Sports Festival, and a Year-End holiday event. The company also schedules a Leadership Summit in December, where over 100 leaders from global locations gather in the Philippines, to finalise plans for the upcoming year. The event also gives employees an opportunity to bond with colleagues from other global locations.

As a global BPO services provider with operations across four continents, SPi Global believes that it has a responsibility to enrich the communities in which its employees live and work. To do this, it has built sustainable corporate community partnership programmes strategically aligned with its key businesses, which leverage the business’s expertise and available resources. The company carries out its CSR programmes with a strong sense of ownership, with employees empowered to design and implement various endeavors. This has helped the programmes gain momentum, turning them into long-term projects, such as the annual corporate social responsibility day, called ‘Power To Inspire’, in which all 22,000 employees volunteer time to do community service within the space of 24 hours. Programmes are geared toward supporting youth welfare and education, as SPi Global believes that the youth are caretakers of the future. Since 2012, the company has put in 187,736 employee volunteer hours, impacting the lives of 56,522 child beneficiaries from 19 global locations across five continents. SPi Global believes it has become one of the best companies to work for in Asia because of its vision of inspiring success. The inspiration of taking good care of its employees is positively magnified in the company’s work and relationship with its clients as well. As CEO Maulik Parekh often states, “If you create a culture of malasakit, and you genuinely take care of your employees, your employees will take care of the business … We have seen that this simple principle actually works.”

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