Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)


Top Community Centric Companies in Asia

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

Top Community Centric Companies in Asia


about Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

“Inclusive Green Banking”

Delivering meaningful impact to the unbanked population in the Philippines through financial inclusion initiatives.  

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is one of the largest private domestic banks in the Philippines in terms of assets, with a network of over 462 branches and 2,911 ATMs and ATM Go units as of the end of 2022. Since it was established in 1960, RCBC has been a pillar of the banking industry, providing a wide range of financial services to its customers through its retail and investment bank, microfinance unit, foreign exchange brokerage house, leasing company and overseas remittance tie-ups.

In line with its steadfast commitment to integrity, excellence, and corporate responsibility, RCBC institutionalizes awareness of environmental and social issues within the organization, with its clients, and with the communities it serves. This is guided by a Sustainable Finance Framework (SFF), which pioneers responsible lending and sustainable finance options such as loans and credit facilities to support initiatives related to renewable energy, clean technology, and environmental conservation. The framework is also aligned with global sustainable finance standards such as those from ICMA Group and the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum.

In December 2020, RCBC’s president publicly committed to cease funding of the construction of new coal power plants in the Philippines. The Bank’s remaining exposure to coal-fired power projects will be zeroed out by 2031. As of December 2022, RCBC’s eligible sustainable assets continue to represent 12% of the total loan portfolio, significantly outpacing the 6% share of coal exposure. To ensure accountability, RCBC also upholds transparency in reporting its sustainability efforts by publishing annual sustainability reports and disclosing its environmental and social performance to stakeholders. 

As part of its efforts to champion inclusive funding and digital finance in the Philippines, RCBC established a thrift bank subsidiary, Rizal MicroBank (RMB), in 2010 to serve the unbanked and underserved segments of the country’s population. Meanwhile, the Bank’s Digital Enterprise Innovations Group (DEIG) spearheaded the development of digital financial inclusion initiatives especially at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, RCBC launched DiskarTech in 2020, the country’s first FI accelerator virtual bank and the first multi-lingual financial inclusion mobile super app which boosts accessibility for Filipinos living in geographically remote areas and grassroots communities. Adopting a “no one should be left behind in digital banking” strategy, its target is the 70% unbanked population of the Philippines currently underserved by formal financial institutions, which belong to the lower economic classes C, D and E. 

DiskarTech has partnered with various government and local agencies to create access and opportunities for millions of these unbanked Filipinos. With 3 million downloads to date, the super app delivers practical services that include bills payment, prepaid smartphone loading, eGaming pins, money transfers, insurance, telemedicine and more. The app even earned recognition from Philippine Vice President Sara Z. Duterte for its commitment in promoting financial literacy and education among the young Filipino generation. 

With sustainable development and nation-building at the heart of RCBC’s digital thrust, the Bank also launched RCBC Moneybela and NegosyanTech. Moneybela is the country’s first human-assisted remote banking service that allows a physical-digital or “phygital” experience by incorporating the best features of digital banking (via DiskarTech), clean transportation (through the use of electric tricycles), and human connection to reach over 42,000 rural barangays nationwide in geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities. On the other hand, NegosyanTech is a digital payments service for public markets, mom-and-pop shops, and small public transportation players. Over the years, RCBC has amassed multiple awards and accolades, including recognition for its various CSR initiatives encompassing areas such as education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation. Among them include “Best Digital Bank in the Philippines” and “Best Initiative for Social Responsibility”, emphasizing its commitment to the welfare of underserved communities.

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