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About RHB Banking Group

“Great teams, dynamic workplace ”

Established in 1913, RHB Banking Group is a Malaysian based organization with core competencies in the area of Banking and Financial Services. It currently has a headcount of 17,543 employees and has a commendable staff retention rate below the industry standard of 14 percent.

To maintain its above industry average retention rate, the Group has successfully retained their staff via various initiatives and action plans that revolve around the company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which focuses on finding the right work-life balance of employees’ needs against RHB’s demands. The EVP highlights the the five pillars that have been identified as the main areas of engagement for employees, namely Care, Leadership, Inspiration, Progression and Rewards.

The Group’s Human Resource policies also look at a Total Rewards Structure, offering a balanced compensation and benefits structure that overlooks Base Rewards; Fixed and Variable Direct Compensation; Indirect Compensation as well as a myriad of other rewards.
To accomplish this, the Group Human Resource Team has taken a strategic approach, focusing on an approximate RM40 million employee growth programme. The team also focuses on areas of strategic human resource management, with focus on Learning & Development, Talent Management, Organisational Development, Performance Management and Total Rewards.

An employee portal called My1 portal powered by Sharepoint allows for full documentation and staff access to all information, policies and standards surrounding the Group, increasing communication reach to employees in all ten countries that the Group has a presence in.

Townhall Meetings are also regularly conducted, even at the regional level, whilst the Group Management Committee travels on a yearly basis to update the employees on the Group’s latest updates, performance results and strategic directions as well as to reach out to the employees to increase personal engagement with them.

To maintain strong team bonds, team building exercises are conducted yearly, at various locations in the different Malaysian states and in different countries the Group operates in. Compromises are never accepted and the Human Resources department plays an advisory role whilst the individual teams organize their own team building activities.

At RHB, it is the belief that it is the focus on the employees as well as the promise made via the RHB Employee Value Proposition that makes RHB Banking Group one of the best companies to work for. Employees are always the main agenda and much emphasis is made on the engagement levels of the employees.
Peer-to peer engagements are also encouraged by the company, to ensure nobody gets left out. These engagements mean everybody is able to participate in their favourite activities via social gatherings that range from health & fitness initiatives like a monthly stair-climbing drive, a hike up Broga Hill, mountain climbing initiatives to cycling with the Group Managing Director. Employees gather during the festive seasons, as well as at the annually organized events like annual dinners.

According to feedback, the top three things that employees value about the Group are the great group dynamics which are encouraged, which in turn provides employees the opportunities to work cross-function and support the overall objectives of the Group; the open communication culture where all employees have an avenue to voice out their opinions, even directly to the Group Managing Director through his blog, and last but not least, the focus on employee well-being and engagement by the Group which demonstrates how it pays attention to the needs of the employees and makes efforts to ensure constant interaction between them and the Group’s management team.

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