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Community Initiative Award

PT Trakindo Utama 

Community Initiative Award


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Advancing You Forward

Indonesia’s PT Trakindo Utama advances the future of Indonesia through all-encompassing education programs.

Established in 1970 in Indonesia, PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) is an authorised distributor of the world-class Caterpillar equipment, offering a comprehensive lineup of Cat® machines and engines. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive network of over 60 locations throughout Indonesia, Trakindo delivers quality services to customers across industries including mining, construction, forestry and agriculture, marine, oil and gas, and power generation.

Over the past 50 years, Trakindo has been committed to empower its customers to reach their goals and nurture sustainable success, in line with the brand’s philosophy of “Advancing You Forward”. In congruence with that, the 3 values that the equipment solutions provider incorporates include the continuous development of employees, consistent capital growth and reinvestment of capital into the business, and maintaining highly ethical business practices.

Being a good corporate citizen is absolutely crucial for Trakindo and this is deeply embedded in its mission. Aside from creating worthwhile job opportunities for as many Indonesians as possible, the company actively spearheads activities and initiatives that improve the quality of life for communities across these 4 key areas: education, environment, health, and compassionate relief.

Amongst the 4, the education pillar has been Trakindo’s main focus as it desires to contribute to the advancement of Indonesia’s future generation, upon the conviction that it builds the foundation on which the character and ethics of a nation and its people rests. On that account, Trakindo’s comprehensive suite of education support programs cover the elementary, vocational high school, and polytechnic levels.

As ACES’ Community Initiative Award recipient, Trakindo’s biggest impact in 2022 has been made through its vocational education program, the award-winning Trakindo CO-OP Education Program. Since its inception in 1996, Trakindo collaborates with 8 public vocational high schools and 6 polytechnics across Indonesia to launch education curriculum focused on heavy equipment engineering and competencies in technology in order to prepare graduates to be able to adapt with advanced technological developments in the heavy equipment industry.

With Trakindo positioning itself as an enabler that contributes by assisting the government in improving the quality of Indonesian education, the CO-OP Education Program comprises curriculum that meets the needs of the industry, actual project-based learning (PBL), industry experts, on-the-job training, competency certifications, industry training, applied research, and graduate recruitment. In addition, the program includes scholarships or service bonds for students as well as donations, either in the form of laboratory equipment or vocational education.

Trakindo’s efforts have culminated in the pioneering of its character-based heavy equipment studies curriculum, which was developed closely alongside the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Directorate of Vocational High School Studies, and has now been officially adopted nationally. The CO-OP Education Program is now implemented across the country with stringent and standardised evaluation, and Trakindo applies a participatory approach in the program implementation, with proper roles and responsibilities within educational institutions put in place to collectively realise its success.

More importantly, it is not mandatory for students to be employed by Trakindo, and they are empowered to choose their own career path upon graduation. The outcomes of the CO-OP Education Program have been astounding, and as of 2021, over 4,500 graduates of the curriculum have found jobs at Trakindo and other companies in the heavy equipment industry. As an added bonus, the educational institutions that have partnered with Trakindo for the program are enabled to independently enhance their operations through revitalisation programs linked to the industry.

Today, the CO-OP program graduates make up more than 20% of the total population of Trakindo technicians. Moving forward, Trakindo aims to further advance the quality of its contributions and establish more collaborations with vocational education providers in alignment with the company’s CSR Framework 2025 target. Furthermore, Trakindo is looking to expand its partnership programs with additional syllabus, and is currently developing a middle school education program that spotlights character-based education and improves interest towards vocational studies.

“WP Energy Public Company Limited has one of the most clearly defined CSR plans of this year’s nominees. By placing its product at the centre of some of its outreaches, it has achieved both community care and brand building, as evidenced by its decade-long ‘Full Belly… Warm Smile with Worldgas’, project which has benefitted children living around WP’s gas storage warehouses through nutritious meals, cooking gas for their families, and a chance at higher education.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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