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PT. Trakindo Utama

Top Community Care Companies In Asia


About Trakindo Utama

“Trakindo emphasises four pillars of Corporate Citizenship namely Education, Environment, Health and Compassionate Relief. ”

PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) was established in 1970 in Indonesia. It is the sole authorised dealer in Indonesia for Caterpillar heavy equipment, specialising in mining, forestry, agriculture and construction equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial engines and generator sets.

Trakindo’s community care mission is to set up an entity that creates worthwhile and challenging job opportunities to as many Indonesians as possible. In the Nineties, when Indonesia was beset by human resource issues including a lack of skilled technicians in the heavy equipment industries, Trakindo set into place community outreach programmes to help correct the shortfall, developing a comprehensive suite of education support programmes at the elementary, vocational high school and polytechnic levels.

The scope of the programme now extends right across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. It includes the provision of school renovation assistance with the objective of creating a safe, comfortable and conducive learning environment; improving the quality of education through the delivery of training for teachers, and the provision of scholarships to deserving students. To date, the programme has benefitted more than 13,000 students and 1,000 teachers.
In line with its experience and expertise in the heavy equipment field, the company played a leading role in the establishment of heavy equipment training courses in ten vocational schools and five polytechnics around the country since 1996. This programme includes the development of the training curriculum and course materials, facilities and support tools, the provision of on-the-job training (OJT) to students, and training for teachers and instructors at the Trakindo Training Centre.

The company pioneered the development of the character-based heavy equipment curriculum, which has now been officially adopted nationally by the Indonesian government. More than 3,000 graduates have found jobs at Trakindo and other companies in the heavy equipment industry, while more than 100 teachers and instructors have benefitted from training under the programme.

Apart from the field of education, Trakindo also emphasises focus on environment, health and compassionate relief. Environment and health outreaches are conducted under the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Department. Compassionate relief is carried out when disaster strikes. Trakindo has also trained its schools in disaster preparedness, providing teachers and volunteers in the education outreach programmes skills for disaster management.
All Trakindo’s Education, Environment, Health and Compassionate Relief programmes are managed by the company, with the assistance of parties which help Trakindo in translating the mission. Trakindo works with local NGOs on building soft skills while the technical parts of the programme and internal engagement is sourced through volunteer programmes conducted by Trakindo.

Being a good community citizen is not only ingrained into the company’s policies and standard operating procedures, but is planned into Trakindo’s five-year/ medium term strategy and yearly strategy, to be implemented in the policies and standard operating procedures, and accounted for in the key performance indices. Trakindo measures the results of the strategies in corporate citizenship through balance score cards and individual KPls. The company has a CSR unit under the Corporate Communications and CSR Department, which is placed under the supervision of the Chief Administration Officer.

Trakindo’s employees get immersed in the company’s CSR outreaches via an employee volunteer programme which allows staff to teach at selected schools. This gives all employees from different business units the same chance to get involved, whether they are permanent employees or contract staff. This involvement in turn empowers staff, boosting their morale and motivation. It also develops team work and leadership skills.

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