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ABout Telekomsel

Established in 1995, PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel) is Indonesia’s leading provider of mobile telecommunications and digital data services. Owned by Telkom Indonesia and SingTel with share ownership stakes of 65 percent and 35 percent respectively, Telkomsel is the market leader in Indonesia’s telecommunications industry, serving 138 million subscribers. With more than 80,000 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) Telkomsel provides network coverage from cities to remote areas in Indonesia, reaching 95 percent of Indonesia’s population. Telkomsel is well known for its post-paid product (kartuHalo), prepaid products (simPATI, kartuAs and LOOP) and broadband (Telkomsel Flash). To serve customers’ needs, Telkomsel is supported by a 24-hour call centre and more than 400 service centres throughout Indonesia.

As a pioneer in the development of Indonesia’s mobile telecommunications industry and to enter the advanced stage of mobile broadband services, Telkomsel provides cellular services through GSM Dual Band (900 & 1800), GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, and HSPA+ networks throughout Indonesia, and is testing Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. In anticipating the growth of broadband data technology, Telkomsel is building its digital business in four key portfolios, comprising digital lifestyle services, mobile payment and digital money, digital advertising and enterprise digital services. With a vision to be a world-class, trusted provider of mobile digital lifestyle services and solutions, Telkomsel is aiming to build Indonesia’s digital ecosystem, which comprises DNA (Device, Network and Applications).
Therefore, besides providing a reliable network, Telkomsel is also working closely with device manufacturers and local developers.

In order to cope with the changing business environment towards digital business, Telkomsel is undergoing an organisational transformation. Telkomsel is transforming the people, culture and organisation to ensure that its people are future ready. The first transformation initiative is to transform the people through various programs to increase their core competency which was defined by skill, knowledge, ability and attitude. This initiative allows the people to engage in the business now and in the future.

Secondly, Telkomsel launched a new Corporate Culture, THE TELKOMSEL WAY, which acts as a belief system consisting of three layers to help guide 4,700 employees across Indonesia on corporate vision, mission and the growth strategies. The three layers of THE TELKOMSEL WAY are: Philosophy to be the Best, Principles to be the Star, and Practices to be the Winner. The third transformation is organisation due to the changing business environment. The organisation is now more aligned with the growing digital business, as well as area empowerment in order to be more agile and adaptive.

To support people transformation, Telkomsel launched several major programmes in an effort to support the strategy implementation in growing digital business. Telkomsel encourages talent, leader and employee exchanges in this area. The talent management at Telkomsel is an integrated and continuous process that covers everything from attracting the right talent to developing and retaining it.
The following are some basics that illustrate its policies towards people who work for it.

Are the company’s human resources policies and standards documented in a place where all staff have access to it?
Yes, the HR policies are available for our employees. They can access it through our internal portal called lnSite.

Are job descriptions clear?
Yes, they are written in KD (Director’s Decision) and stated in the Human Resource System.

Are appraisals held annually?
Appraisals are held every semester (every 6 months), by the end of each semester.

Is remuneration set at market rates?
Yes. We tend to be even better in terms of remuneration compared to the rest of the industry.

What team building activities are held?
We have family gatherings once a year and group workshops every quarter.

What, in your opinion, makes your company one of the best companies to work for in Asia?
Our company is about developing people, and with GREAT values (inteGrity, Respect, Enthusiasm, loyAlty, Totality). We believe we are at the top.
What social events do you organise as a company?
We have a staff bazaar every year on 21st April -Kartini’s Day. Twice a year we have a blood donation event for employees. The blood is distributed by PMI (the Indonesian Red Cross)

Digital Creative Indonesia Competition
A CSR initiative by Telkomsel As part of the larger community, Telkomsel contributes as much as possible to the people of Indonesia and the community. We have been engaging with the wider stakeholders in CSR activities/programmes for education and in emergency response. For the past year, our focus has been on developing Indonesian youth in the current digital era. We launched the Digital Creative Indonesia Competition to encourage young people to be actively involved in creating positive content such as videos, digital writing and applications.

CSR has been an integral part of our company’s development since our establishment. We have a close relationship with the community. Due to our large-scale operations, this covers some of the most remote areas of Indonesia. We are very much involved every time a natural disaster happens in Indonesia. This has been standard operating procedure of the company.

We have different kinds of CSR programmes, but all of them are tailored according to the needs of the society or community and our own expertise.

With our current Digital Creative Indonesia campaign, we are hoping to engage more with youths. For us they are such a valuable asset of the country, and they need to be equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to face the digital era.

The programme that we have relates directly with our vision to be a trusted world-class mobile digital lifestyle solutions provider. Having a similar message for the programme and the company’s vision creates a stronger brand. We work together with agencies to have the best outcome in terms of creative treatment for this campaign.

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