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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk

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PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia

“We provide the opportunity for all employees to participate in various extracurricular activities, especially those that can support employee productivity. Employee extracurricular activities include the fields of social, religion, culture and sports.”

One of the largest and oldest companies in the thriving nation that is Indonesia employs over 15,000 people and has been in existence since 1882. PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), which began life in the 19th century as Post Telegraaf Telefoon (PTT) boasts a broad spectrum of services as wide as its history is long.
From mobile services to satellite and tower network infrastructure, this corporation – sometimes referred to as the Telkom Group – has embraced the millennium with its comfortable adoption of technologies such as ICT platforms for enterprise connectivity, data centres and Cloud technologies as well as smart-enabler platforms for payments, digital advertising and big data.

Retaining good talent in such a massive environment is surely a resource challenge as a company is only as strong as the people who populate its engines. For Telkom, there are a slew of programmes and incentives that help keep its employees happy.

There are onboarding and inauguration programmes for new hires alongside retiree training programmes; scholarship and training programmes also provide incentives for employees to deepen their skills or learn new ones. Development programmes such as these help to attract existing employees to new opportunities within the Group’s extensive presence in 72 subsidiaries located in ten countries.
There is also an enthusiastic promotion of a work-life balance for Telkom employees, where the Group provides opportunities for its people to participate in various extracurricular activities, especially those that support employee productivity, such as cultural events and sports. There are song contests, tennis, nature events and book fairs, among others, that help the Group’s employees maintain an interesting work-life balance.

These extracurricular events help to strengthen the existing Telkom corporate culture that incorporates a belief system of the Telkom Way. The culture revolves around three core principles: Solid, Smart and Speed. This translates into the Group advocacy of always striving to be the best, to be a star and to be a winner with best practices as the standard.

Additionally, a reward system that is continually updated helps the Group to stay competitive in the market as one of the top places to work in and as one of the best employers in Indonesia.
This and other systems are further supported by an environment that is conducive to employee well-being and productivity. Such measures include the construction of an open office that encompasses shared spaces, optimum spaces that discourage hierarchy and promotes transparency and spaces that allow movement and flexibility. Additionally, the Group encourages its office space to be an inspiring one, incorporating energy, informality, fun and colour in its offices, giving employees the option to utilise their work spaces anywhere they feel like it so that it may encourage creativity and expression.

Simultaneously, a company that has adopted technology as part of its business must surely provide a working environment for its employees that is also tech-savvy. To this end, the Telkom Group provides work spaces that are aligned with the smart building concept: one that is wireless, paperless and seamless.

Additionally, the Group understands its employees’ concerns about commuting and congestion; this is why the Employee Shuttle Bus has been provided to help with commuting and the provision of satellite offices helps to ease the anxiety over Jakarta’s traffic congestion.

These measures and other human resource policies (such as flexible working conditions and up-to-date tools and resources) all go far in helping the Telkom Group sustain its army of productive and happy employees who continue to help the company sustain its success and evolution through the centuries.

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