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Green Initiative Award 

PT Lion Super Indo

Green Initiative Award 


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Bold and Innovative Measures to Make a Difference

Leading retail chain garners attention for its bold and innovative sustainable measures.

Eat well, save time, live better – that’s the purpose that has pushed PT Lion Super Indo to become one of the front-runners for high-quality products with competitive pricing and innovative sustainability efforts in Indonesia. 

Since 1997, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to become the one-stop location for patrons looking for a wide range of daily products that are high-quality, low-priced, with easily accessible store locations. 

Today, PT Lion Super Indo is located across 40 cities in Indonesia with over 8,500 employees. Over the years, PT Lion Super Indo expanded through a fruitful partnership between the Salim Group, Indonesia and Ahold Delhaize, the Netherlands. 

One thing that sets PT Lion Super Indo apart from other retail stores in Indonesia is its utmost commitment towards sustainability. Their commitment to both the environment and their customers has helped PT Lion Super Indo achieve its goals of becoming a better place to shop, a better place to work as well as a better neighbour.  

PT Lion Super Indo believes in making customers a priority and earning their trust through excellent service and integrity. This has propelled PT Lion Super Indo to the top of customer’s choice in retail. Their unwavering commitment towards consumers and the environment is reflected in their range of efforts like sustainable activities, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, and rigorous waste-free management.

PT Lion Super Indo is also committed to becoming an agent of change when needed – as demonstrated by its bold and innovative sustainability efforts. PT Lion Super Indo is a big supporter of local farmers and closely works with them to engage in a strategic partnership. This has resulted in many small farmers and MSMEs becoming suppliers to PT Lion Super Indo outlets. 

PT Lion Super Indo holds itself to high standards when it comes to its sustainability targets and goals. The popular retail chain has already successfully achieved several goals in eliminating waste, helping consumers make healthier choices, increasing workplace safety, and helping to curb climate change. It also adheres to strict standard operating procedures when handling products.

In order to meet its sustainability goals, PT Lion Super Indo observes a 50% recycling rate and has worked hard to reduce food waste. Aside from that, the retail chain also has policies in place for refrigerators types, managing LED usage and revising distribution routing strategies to do its part in combating climate change.

Another major milestone for PT Lion Super Indo is the reduced consumption of plastic bags among consumers. Through their efforts, they have succeeded in reducing single-use plastic shopping bags among consumers by 60%. This has helped the company cut costs as they no longer have to purchase high volumes of plastic bags. Now, they have moved on to use of their produce bags and are also improving the type of plastic packaging used for their private brands. 

Their food waste policy ensures the ordering system is in place and excess food is well managed by giving back to the community in need. PT Lion Super Indo is also determined to reduce its carbon footprint by opting for environmental-friendly technology in its stores. The environmental program is managed by their core teams like the sustainability, operation, buying, and technical teams. 

PT Lion Super Indo keeps track of its efforts by measuring some key metrics like percentages of shopping bags and plastic packaging that are reduced, management of food waste, carbon dioxide emissions, electricity consumption and total energy consumption per square meter. 

Through these groundbreaking initiatives, PT Lion Super Indo has played a major part in reducing the impact of waste generation to landfills and also cut its operating costs. These efforts have also helped them to maintain good relations with the government while increasing customer engagement and enriching communities around them.

“As Indonesia’s largest supermarket chain, PT Lion Super Indo demonstrates that it is indeed viable to both serve and give back to the community in the most effective of ways without compromising on its strong values and standards pertaining to sustainability through a big picture approach.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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