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Community Care Company of the Year

PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk

Community Care Company of the Year


About Hero group

“HERO Group perceives Corporate Social Responsibility not only as a moral obligation but already embedded as the DNA of the company”

PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO Group) was established in 1971 and marked as a pioneer modern retail in Indonesia. In 1989 HERO Group was registered on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. As one of the leading retailers in one of the world’s most populous nations, HERO Group is intent on making a difference in the lives of its countrymen. In establishing itself as a socially responsible business, HERO Group first had to ensure that internally, from management to rank and file, that it was committed to support Indonesian government on the progress of improving Indonesia as a developing nation.

From there, the Group began to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and forming Hero Peduli, targeting specifically on the improvement of education, community health, economic empowerment and nurturing the environment.
One Store One School
This programme is designed to support the infrastructures, giving school facilities, and scholarship to selected schools nearby our stores nationwide. The selected schools were mapped by its locations, conditions, and level of damaged.

Program KASIH (Komitmen Anak & lbu Sehat HERO)
Improve the maternity and child health welfare as our concern toward Indonesian family health issues by developing POSYANDU’s role and functions and to ensure that mother and child in need have the access to health services of POSYANDU. The programme also provides training and coaching for the cadres of POSYANDU, a monthly clinic for children and pregnant women, which provides vaccinations and nutritional supplements.

Economic Empowerment
Direct sourcing and SMEs development is a realization of Economic Empowerment. The Group succeeded with the launching of Co-branding KATATA. It’s a pioneer programme ever executed in the retail industry in Indonesia. Together with well-known Universities in Indonesia, we provide knowledge about agriculture, development of farm products, packaging process, distributions process and convenience term of payment. With all the support that has been given, is expected to be able to improve the economic standards and quality of life of local farmers.

A social environmental act through “Hero Green Action” to increase people’s awareness by restoring the environment becomes a healthy place to live .
In implementing those CSR programmes, the Group invests on specific budget and to make a bigger impact, customers are also invited to participate through shopping charity. The Group partners with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), namely WVI & ABBR for Program KASIH and Indonesia Juara Foundation for OSOS who help to distribute the shopping charity. For the Economic Empowerment & Environment programs are managed directly by the Group.

The consistency of the Group’s CSR programmes has helped the brand’s corporate image while increasing customer loyalty. Staff engagement has also risen, which bodes well for long-term commitment to the CSR projects. CSR is now part of the DNA of the company.

Being good community citizens is ingrained into the company’s policies and standard operating procedures, with the Group striving to fully enforce regulations related to health, safety, and environment in all of the company’s business practices.

The result of the CSR programmes is measured in multiple ways, so as to fairly evaluate the policies which have been established. In qualitative analysis, the Group measures the results by looking back at the initial objectives of why it undertook a specific CSR activity.

In their goal of being an organisation rooted in community care, the Group mandates that CSR is embedded into all company activities in order to improve the company’s performance through social performance, strengthen stakeholders’ involvement, and maintain a good reputation and positive brand image for the company and all its business lines. Besides focusing on objectives, the Group also regularly evaluates the impact to the beneficiaries of the CSR programmes it runs.
In quantitative analysis the Group measures the social value that comes from undertaking CSR activities, using the Social Return on Investment method. However, regardless of any perks which may come from being associated with being a good corporate citizen, the Group perceives CSR not only as moral obligation of the company to give back to the community, but there is a deep linkage between CSR and business strategy.
As CSR continues to be a driver of the Group’s operation, the Group has established a dedicated team of personnel under its CSR and Corporate Communication division. The team is entrusted to create integrated CSR programmes that link the business to the communities it does business in. The unit also oversees every store’s implementation through standard operating procedures; ensuring employees are involved in every CSR activity the Group undertakes. Employees are also strongly supported if they wish to interact directly with beneficiaries, as it underscores the Group’s commitment and constant presence in communities most in need of assistance.

There are, undoubtedly, tangible benefits to being known as a socially responsible retail group. As the HERO Group is seen as benefactors, its stores enjoy a higher level of safety from social disturbances which elevates the stability of the stores’ operations. Customers also show a preference to patronizing HERO stores as they feel they are assisting in making a change for the better.

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