PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk. (Sinarmas Land)


Top Green Companies In Asia

PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk. (Sinarmas Land)

Top Green Companies In Asia


About PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk. (Sinarmas Land)

“We must ensure that workers safety is always our first and foremost consideration and priority”

Sinarmas Land was founded in 1984 and has developed city projects, townships, residential, commercial, retail, industrial estates, and hospitality properties, including property related services, making it the largest and most diversified property company in Indonesia.

At Sinarmas Land, community acceptance and support is the key to sustainable growth. In more than two decades of operations the company has learnt that developing good relations with the community is significant both to its business and to its aspiration of contributing to Indonesia’s economic and social development.

As a leader in the property industry, sustainability has always been an integral part of Sinarmas Land’s strategic business. The company believes in preserving natural resources and is highly committed to effectively managing environmental issues throughout the entire development process. As a corporate Founding Member of Green Building Council Indonesia since 2009, Sinarmas Land strives to ensure its property development activities are sustainable and environment friendly.
The company developed the 25-hectare BSD Green Office Park to cement its standing as a developer with environmental integrity. The self-contained working township complies with international green standards and was designed so that the populace of the Tangerang district would be able to find work nearby as opposed to commuting to Jakarta in search of livelihoods. BSD Green Office Park was awarded the gold in the Sustainable Development Category at the World FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award 2013 in Taiwan.

As one of Asia’s Green companies, Sinarmas Land – which has green building certifications from Green Building Council Indonesia and Green Mark Singapore – looks first at sustainability and environmental impact before embarking on property projects. Its Pro Profit (grow in business), Pro Planet (environmental consciousness) and Pro People (Corporate Social Responsibility programmes) strategy underscores all commercial building projects.

Since 2004, the company has held the BSD City Green Festival annually in June to campaign for the importance of protecting and conserving the environment among the local community. The BSD City Green Festival is often held together with Environmental Campaigns organised by the Banten province government, Tangerang Regency government and South Tangerang City government. The company, which is also a member of the World Green Building Council, has donated more than 3,000 trees to communities, government agencies, educational institutions, NGOs, and other institutions. It has also planted over three million trees in commercial and pedestrian areas, road medians, neighborhood parks and other locations.
Its proficiency in green building construction has resulted in the company’s properties being only five percent more expensive as compared to the construction of a standard office. The figure is reduced over time and amortised by long-term savings on operational costs.

Conscious of the role it is playing in the dissemination of the importance of going green, Sinarmas Land ensures all its branding, advertising and outreach messages via banners and billboards promote environmental consciousness. Positioning itself as a green company has resulted in strong brand awareness and higher customer demand, especially when its developments win national and international awards for their green achievements.

The company has seen an increase of green awareness from its buyers, and is delighted to note that its customer base is slowly realising how going green can have a profound effect on people’s productivity, financial savings, and environmental conservation consciousness. Sinarmas Land believes that environmental sustainability is achievable for both small and large companies, as it only requires small measures initially. It advises scaling up sustainability levels whenever possible, as its experience has shown the success of sustainability has a compound effect.

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