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Bayer Indonesia’s commitment to Mother and Children Healthcare via its Anti-Stunting Program shows how a determined focus by one corporation is able to make positive changes in a health situation.

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PT Bayer Indonesia (Bayer Indonesia) was established on 7 November 1957 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bayer AG, its parent company headquartered in Leverkusen, is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to benefit people by supporting efforts to overcome the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global population. By 2019, the Group comprises of 392 consolidated companies in 87 countries. The Group operates three supply centers in Indonesia that are part of the global Bayer supply chain of manufacturing facilities. Most products from all supply centers are exported to countries around the world, as well as marketed in Indonesia.

Under Bayer’s vision of “Health for all, hunger for none”, Bayer Indonesia takes an active role in a lot of significant moment throughout the Indonesia’s development process. Bayer Indonesia is committed to assist the Indonesian government’s program in community health and agriculture, not only through the innovative high-quality products, but also through their programs in public education and knowledge enhancement for communities, particularly  farmers and healthcare professionals.

As part of its sustainability targets, specifically its 2030 global commitment, Bayer Indonesia has some  corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. One of them is the Mother and Children Healthcare/ Anti-Stunting Program. Stunting – the failure to reach one’s potential for growth – is caused by chronic malnutrition and repeated illness during childhood. It can permanently limit a child’s physical and cognitive capacity and cause lifelong damage. In 2013, 37 percent of Indonesian children under the age of five, or almost nine million children, were stunted, according to the National Health Survey. Bayer Indonesia has been conducting a community development program since 2015, helping to improve the service of local Mother and Children Healthcare Centers (POSYANDU). Starting in 2019, the program focuses on monitoring and evaluating the quality of nutrition for babies and toddlers, in alignment with the national nutrition standard. Bayer Indonesia also improves the capacity and knowledge of POSYANDU cadres by conducting workshops and training on national nutrition standard and on stunting.

Aside from Posyandu, in August 2020, Bayer Indonesia launched a Better Life Farming program for 500,000 smallholder farmers, in which 100,000 are female farmers in 44 Districts and 14 Provinces in Indonesia, with below activities:

  1. Increasing access to technology for smallholder farmers via Better Life Farming package of crop protection products 
  2. Training on Good Agriculture Practices and stewardship training on safe use of pesticides.
  3. Enhancing farming skills and knowledge of female farmers through gender smart training program.
  4. Enhancing healthcare knowledge against COVID-19 and women’s health knowledge to female farmers.

Bayer Indonesia encourages its employees to volunteer where they can, reflecting the Group’s mission to enhance quality of life. Volunteering activities can be done around Bayer Indonesia’s CSR projects or individual projects in education and science, health and social needs. Its policy actively encourages every employee to take off one paid day a year to engage in volunteering. To encourage inclusivity, Bayer Indonesia employees can submit volunteer project proposals to win a certain amount of grants. 

“Bayer Indonesia’s commitment to Mother and Children Healthcare via its Anti-Stunting Program shows how a determined focus by one corporation is able to make positive changes in a health situation.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“Adopting sustainable practices not only helps the environment – corporations have proven that sustainability initiatives lead to an improved brand image, reduced costs, happier shareholders, increased productivity, and countless more benefits, which Bayer Indonesia is reaping via its long-term commitments.”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards

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