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About Philex Mining Corporation

“We take a holistic approach to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, constantly ensuring that the communities we have built remain sustainable and the natural environment around our areas of operation stays always pleasant. ”

Philex Mining Corporation was established in 1955 in the Philippines, primarily engaged in large-scale exploration, development, and utilization of mineral resources. The Company was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1956. In 2014, the Company reported a profit of US$16 million.

The Company’s vision, mission and core values, which are all geared at developing a global mindset while keeping a Filipino heart, are reviewed annually. These were last updated by the Management in 2011 and later approved by the Board of Directors on January 25, 2012.

Having expanded its vision and mission, Philex Mining envisions being a premier mineral resource development Company, as well as a highly-respected and world-class business entity. To guide in achieving these goals, the Company’s core values of integrity, teamwork, respect for individuals, work excellence, corporate as well as social and environmental responsibility are always kept alive in the hearts and actions of all its employees and key partners.
While Philex Mining’s CSR budget is largely apportioned as a percentage of its expenses, as mandated by the government, the Company’s provisions oftentimes exceed what is prescribed under the law. This budget is generously spent within its programs, anchored on the acronym I-HELP, which stands for I (information, education and communication), H (health and sanitation), E (education), L (livelihood and skills development), and P (public infrastructure projects), together with environmental conservation, with each area running a specific set of activities.

The ‘I’ category focuses on information campaigns and public consultations; ‘H’ on medical and dental missions, hospital operations, and health center administration; ‘E’ on providing scholarships, running free elementary and subsidized high school facilities, and sponsoring post graduate studies; “L” for livelihood and skills development, together with a Livelihood and Technical Center, agro-forestry, farming, and aquaculture support projects; and “P” for public infrastructure support through the construction of schools, roads, bridges, social halls, health centers and places of worship. Equal emphasis is also placed on environmental conservation primarily through reforestation activities and land, air, and water resource quality management.

To put things in context, the communities within and around the Company’s areas of operations, before Philex Mining came on board, were merely groups of families thriving basically on agriculture and small-scale mining activities. Since then, the CSR projects have transformed these communities into functional, organized and self-sustaining societies that contribute to nation-building and strongly illustrate that responsible mining can co-exist with sustainable communities and a green environment.
The Company, however, does not measure the success of its specific CSR activities individually. Rather, Philex Mining takes a holistic approach in terms of how sustainable the communities have become and how pleasant the natural environment around its areas of operation is.

As the herald of responsible mining in the country, Philex Mining believes its CSR activities give life to and serve as the fabric of the Company’s corporate identity, as not only a group of employees but the entire organization is responsible for and are engaged in various initiatives that champion social and environmental sustainability. In terms of social impact alone, these CSR projects provide the springboard for communities, especially in the far flung areas of the country, to become partners in nation-building.

Philex Mining believes that the kind of CSR program pursued by a company may vary on the interests of a particular business, depending on the size of the organization and the sectors and areas affected by its operations. Philex Mining, on its own, has shown that its CSR initiatives directly impact the targeted beneficiaries and are concretely manifested in more ways than one, ultimately resulting in better lives for families and a suitable natural environment within and around its areas of operations for several decades now.

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