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Top Community Care Companies in Asia

PetroWind Energy Inc

Top Community Care Companies in Asia



As suppliers of alternative energy, PWEI has ensured it walks the walk and talks the talk on all levels of environment care and sustainability

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Wind of Change

Energizing communities

PetroWind Energy Inc. (PWEI) was incorporated in the Philippines on 6 March 2013 to develop and operate the 50 MW Nabas Wind Power Project (NWPP) in Nabas-Malay, Aklan, Philippines. PWEI is a joint-venture company formed by three respected and established energy companies – the PetroGreen Energy Corporation (PGEC) and EEI Power Corporation (EEI Power) from the Philippines, and BCPG Public Company Ltd (BCPG) from Thailand. 

PWEI ensures that its operations’ direct and indirect economic, social, and environmental impact are identified, monitored, measured, and managed. It contributes positively to the local economy through proper remittance of taxes and royalties, and by being a good corporate citizen. PWEI has also established several corporate social responsibility programs (CSR) through its We Power H.E.L.P. (Health, Education, and Livelihood Program) focusing on long-term and sustainable projects for its host communities. 

PWEI follows a framework in identifying a community project or outreach program. This framework has three main goals: to enhance, enrich, and empower. PWEI aims to enhance the communities’ natural and human resources, enrich these resources through capacity building, and empower them to be self-sustaining and resilient communities.

Its health projects aim to ensure that its host communities have access to basic medical services and proper nutrition. It cultivates long-term partnerships with local medical service providers and local government units for its annual medical missions and nutrition promotion projects. 

PWEI’s education projects cover three objectives: engage the community through information, educate them through formal programs, and enable them by providing proper learning materials and facilities. The company offers scholarships and training to teachers. PWEI’s livelihood programs are anchored on sustainability and resilience. It employs a systematic approach consisting of regular community consultations, active community participation, and adequate social preparation and technical training. PWEI supports the weaving industry in the local community and helps them promote eco-tourism activities.

PWEI’s implementation of community care initiatives has contributed to building investors’ confidence. The programs have had positive effects on the company’s brand and reputation, and have paved the way for attracting potential investors and financial institutions to partner with PWEI. The projects also amplify PWEI’s commitment to be a company that does not only maintain its profitability, but also monitors and manages its economic, environment, and social impact.

In addition, PWEI’s community programs have been instrumental in building good relationships with communities, and fostering safe environments for its operations. This resulted in continuous power generation and above-target performance. Over time, the communities have also developed a sense of ownership for PWEI’s business, making them PWEI’s partners in promoting local progress and sustainability. Finally, PWEI’s community projects have significantly transformed its host community from an isolated village to a progressive community.

“As suppliers of alternative energy, PWEI has ensured it walks the walk and talks the talk on all levels of environment care and sustainability”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group.


Powering Up for the Environment

The company also integrates environmental protection in its operations by ensuring compliance to environmental laws and regulations. Moreover, PWEI implements environmental programs and projects that are in-line with the governments’ thrust and priorities, such as the establishment and maintenance of a 41-hectare forest and fruit tree plantation. 

“PWEI’s adherence to environmental rules and regulations goes beyond compliance by implementing best practices. It also regularly involves the host communities in its environmental protection activities in order to cascade its sustainability message,” said Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury for ACES Awards.. In 2017, the company’s bioengineering measures for site rehabilitation and protection was recognized internationally as Environmental Upgrade of the Year by Asian Power Magazine.

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