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Green Initiative Award

Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.

Green Initiative Award


about Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.

“It Pays To Be Green”

Personal Collection goes green and boosts its bottom line too.

Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. (“Personal Collection”) was established in 2003 and registered in Quezon City, Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is a leading Filipino-owned direct selling company with more than 600 branches nationwide with its first international office in Malaysia. The company recruits hundreds of thousands of dealers to sell best-in-class products categorized into home care, personal care, fragrances, baby care, health care, housewares, food and beverage, and intimate apparel.

The company’s sustainability program is called the #GreenLifeGreatLife movement, which is in line with Personal Collection’s vision of making the world a better place, while focusing on transitioning products from merely recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging; protecting coastlines, oceans, and other ecosystems through corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives; and raising awareness and promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle among stakeholders: dealers, employees, product users, and communities where there are Personal Collection branches. 

Personal Collection takes pride in being the first Filipino-owned company to transition its recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging that’s good for the planet. To carry out the unprecedented transition to biodegradable packaging, Personal Collection’s Research and Development worked hand in hand with industry experts to produce biodegradable packaging that naturally decomposes in landfill conditions within five to ten years. This is considered a ground-breaking solution to plastic pollution as compared to regular plastic packaging which takes a thousand years and more before disintegrating into microplastics, which are still harmful to the planet. On June 8, 2021, Personal Collection officially launched its biodegradable packaging, starting with its flagship home care products: Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleanser (TBC), sof & mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, and Tuff Multi-Surface Cleanser. Since then, the company has developed more biodegradable packaging for personal care, fragrances, and baby care products. In fact, more than 83% of its products are already in biodegradable packaging. 

Following the successful launch of the #GreenLifeGreatLife movement, Personal Collection began conducting environment-centric CSR activities in October 2021. Hundreds of dealer and employee volunteers have since signed up and joined coastal and estuaries clean-ups, tree planting, and mangrove planting in different parts of the country. Through these activities, Personal Collection wants its stakeholders to see the realities of the plastic pollution problem and to be part of the solution. In only 17 months of conducting CSR activities, Personal Collection has sowed 240,000 trees and mangroves, and collected thousands and thousands of kilos of trash in coastlines and estuaries in 39 localities all over the Philippines. Dealer and employee volunteers have shown enthusiasm toward caring for the environment by spending a few hours in the sun while doing something good for the planet.

An important component of the #GreenLifeGreatLife movement lies in its awareness efforts. Personal Collection also invested millions in spreading the word about environmental responsibility, including the promotion of plastic pollution reduction through the use of products with biodegradable packaging, proper segregation, and other eco-friendly practices. Awareness campaigns were done through engaging social media content, educational videos, brochures, promotional materials, billboards, advertisements, and press releases.

Personal Collection integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) into its business to identify and manage risks linked with environmental, social, and governance concerns. Its ESG Committee, headed by Chairman Leejay Evangelista, oversees the overall sustainability efforts of the company which are implemented in the headquarters in Quezon City and in more than 600 branches nationwide. 

Personal Collection had successfully clinched several awards and recognitions for its CSR efforts including the Asia Pacific Stevie Awards: Award for Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications, the 58th Anvil Awards: Anvil Award for Specialized Public Relations Program: Advocacy Campaign, Asia CEO Awards 2022: Circle of Excellence Award for CSR Company of the Year, and Marketing Excellence Awards 2022: Recognition for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.

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