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Community Initiative Award

Nu Skin Southeast Asia and Pacific

Community Initiative Award


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Heart and health.

Making a difference where it counts most. 

Nu Skin Southeast Asia and Pacific, based in Singapore and takes care of the 9 markets in Southeast Asia and Pacific,  is part of Nu Skin Enterprises, a well-established US based company, listed on the NYSE. Nu Skin is a leading beauty and wellness company, powered by a dynamic affiliate opportunity platform. The company helps people look, feel and live their best with products that combine the best of science, technology, and nature. Nu Skin was founded in 1984 and operates in approximately 50 markets worldwide in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. 

Nu Skin is committed to sustainability, including global initiatives such as transitioning to reduced and sustainable packaging for all products by 2030. They believe that their products and people empower their customers to do more for the world by caring for the planet, investing in fellow entrepreneurs, and strengthening the global community. 

The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is the organization’s global initiative which allows them to give back to society. Through the Force for Good Foundation, Nu Skin strives to improve children’s health and wellness, education and economic circumstances throughout the world.

Nu Skin Southeast Asia and Pacific believed that the Force for Good culture unites their global family of distributors, customers and employees in innovative efforts that multiply their ability to nourish and uplift children. They continuously work to invest in projects that improve the future of the children, whether through health, education, or investing in the planet and communities, to make this a better place for the young. 

One of the projects under the Force for Good Foundation is the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund (SEACHF), a regional project that began in 2003, involving six markets, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Through this initiative, SEACHF funds the corrective heart surgery of underprivileged children within the region who are afflicted with congenital heart disease. SEACHF had the privilege to work with local charity partners and passionate Nu Skin distributors who are committed to helping children. Regular funding for SEACHF relies on Nu Skin distributor’s long-term commitment and generosity to help save children’s lives.

SEACHF has helped a total of 14,000 children since its launch, giving underprivileged children a second chance at life through life-saving corrective heart surgeries, and creating smiles for them and their families. SEACHF’s aim is to save 4 lives a day. 

Another initiative carried out by Nu Skin Southeast Asia and Pacific is a project called Nourish The Children (NTC) that began in 2002 as a global initiative. The objective of this project is to feed the hungry and malnutrition children around the world.

VitaMeal, which consists of 25 ideal vitamins and minerals was formulated by Nu Skin scientists and an expert in children’s malnutrition. Although NTC partners with a number of effective charities around the world, their primary global partner is Feed The Children, with whom they were able to distribute millions of VitaMeal bags to malnourished children in over 60 countries. To date, more than 750 million meals have been distributed all over the world since 2002.

Throughout their programmes, Nu Skin Southeast Asia and Pacific is mindful about how and when investments are made within the community. They ensure they collaborate with renowned partners within the community in each country, to assure credibility and accountability in their efforts. Involvement from their internal audit and compliance team is also part of the process, as is putting together the legal framework to carefully state the roles and accountability in each partnership.

Careful consideration is also given to the longevity of their efforts and creating sustainable solutions for initiatives that will not rely solely upon their funding for extended periods of time.

“The fastidiousness with which NSE Asia Products quality controls its Nu Skin line is mirrored by the level of in-depth consideration it gives to its selection of CSR partners and recipients. Knowing that longevity and sustainable solutions must work hand-in-hand, the organization goes to great lengths to ensure all its sustainability programmes do not depend solely on its continued funding, because the goal of every successful community outreach is to enable independence of the peoples assisted.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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