Newport World Resorts (Travellers International Hotel Group Inc)


Green Initiative Award

Newport World Resorts (Travellers International Hotel Group Inc)

Green Initiative Award


about Newport World Resorts (Travellers International Hotel Group Inc)

“Green Journey Starting from the HEART”

NWR is Leading the Way in Sustainable Hospitality

Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc., a prominent luxury hospitality and entertainment company in the Philippines, has made sustainability a core aspect of its operations in Newport World Resorts (NWR),the first integrated resort in the Philippines which opened in 2009. NWR offers gaming, hotels, retail, dining, and entertainment. It houses five international hotels: Manila Marriott Hotel, Hilton Manila, Hotel Okura Manila, Sheraton Manila Hotel, and Holiday Inn Express Manila-Newport City, along with affiliate hotels, Belmont Manila and Savoy Manila.

In 2022, the company took a substantial step forward by establishing its ILovEarth (ILE) platform, which harmonizes the sustainability programs of NWR and its international  hotel partners into one to make a greater impact. 

Underpinning NWR’s ILE program is the HEART framework, which stands for 1) Healthy, Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing; 2) Environmental Impact; 3) Active Engagement, Benchmarking, Certification; 4) Reform, Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose; and 5) Transform through Teaching, Training and Technology. Building on this framework, the ILE Council, composed of top officers and experts from NWR and its partner hotels, sets ambitious sustainability goals, and continually monitors progress. The ILE Working Groups, each assigned to a pillar of the HEART framework, regularly monitors targets, driven by the belief that what gets measured gets done. 

NWR’s dedication to sustainable practices is exemplified through the HEART Framework. The company conducts an annual materiality assessment to identify and prioritize sustainability issues, ensuring alignment with its goals and values. This assessment covers the environmental, social, and economic aspects of NWR’s operations, addressing concerns and leveraging sustainable opportunities. The company actively evaluates all stages of the value chain, exploring eco-friendly alternatives, and supporting industry sustainability standards such as the Hotel Sustainability Basics. This commitment underscores NWR’s strong focus on sustainability, transcending compliance, and embracing innovative solutions.

Notably, the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability led to a significant partnership with EarthCheck. From its initial Bronze Benchmarked status, NWR has now earned the distinction of being the integrated resort in the Philippines to secure an EarthCheckSilver Certification. NWR actively engages in benchmarking and certification, setting ambitious sustainability targets and continually monitoring progress while exploring innovative eco-friendly solutions.

The company collaborates with local partners dedicated to environmental sustainability, aiming to minimize the environmental impact by managing resources efficiently. NWR’s sustainable supply chain management prioritizes responsible and environmentally friendly sourcing. A significant portion of goods and services (83%) is sourced locally, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and ethical supplier practices. Collaborations with various contractors and service providers contribute to carbon footprint reduction and sustainable energy usage. The commitment extends to reducing, recycling, and repurposing materials, fostering a circular economy, and promoting employee engagement in sustainability.

Moving forward, with its initiatives and targets in place for sustainable operations, NWR’s ILE program is putting greater emphasis on promoting sustainable living among its over 6,000-strong workforce, with the goal of eventually “spreading the love” to their families and communities, so that more people will take the Earth to heart, and act accordingly.

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