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Community Initiative Award


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Navigos Group is Pioneering Human Growth Initiatives with a Holistic Approach

A.J. Plast Public Company Limited (“A.J. Plast”), founded in 1987, has become a well-established leader in the field of biaxial-oriented film manufacturing. The company’s dedication to providing top-notch quality and adhering to international standards has earned it a prominent position in the industry. A.J. Plast operates a manufacturing facility in the Laem Chabang industrial estate, Chonburi Province, Thailand and has corporate headquarters in Bangkok. A.J. Plast’s vision is to excel in plastic film technology, prioritizing innovation for sustainability. Its mission underscores quality, fair partnerships, and responsible, eco-friendly products, all while engaging stakeholders ethically.

To realize its sustainability goals, A.J. Plast has implemented a clearly defined strategy that focuses on environmentally-oriented product development. One of the company’s primary objectives is to introduce green packaging solutions designed to mitigate the risks associated with climate change. These eco-friendly products often utilize post-consumer resins and post-industrial resins, which are derived from recycled plastic bottles and waste materials generated during the film production process.

A.J. Plast places great emphasis on stakeholder engagement, following principles and tools for stakeholder engagement standards. The company has identified ten key stakeholders who play crucial roles in its business ecosystem. These stakeholders are customers, shareholders, employees, local government regulators, creditors, business partners, suppliers, communities, competitors, and non-governmental organizations. A.J. Plast maintains open and transparent communication channels and engagement methods, ensuring alignment with its sustainability objectives.

Sustainability governance is a core element of A.J. Plast’s organizational structure. The company has established a well-defined framework that involves various leadership groups within the organization. These groups are the Board of Directors, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, Risk Management Committee, Management Committee, Sustainability Development Working Committee, and Enterprise Risk Management Committee. Each of these entities has distinct roles in overseeing and implementing sustainability initiatives within the company.

In its commitment to minimize operational environmental impacts, A.J. Plast has taken a series of measures that have yielded impressive results. Notably, the company has successfully reduced energy consumption and water withdrawal per product unit. Additionally, A.J. Plast has achieved significant reductions in waste disposal to landfill and hazardous waste.

The integration of environmental considerations into product and service design and delivery is another aspect where A.J. Plast has excelled. The company allocates a budget to its Research and Development (“R&D) team, enabling them to innovate and introduce environmentally friendly products. Its R&D team is assigned specific targets, including the introduction of a certain number of green products to the market.

A.J. Plast goes a step further by encouraging its customers to opt for green plastic films that are produced using post-recycled resins. This initiative not only reduces the reliance on fossil fuel-based raw materials but also aligns with the company’s overarching commitment to environmental responsibility. Moreover, A.J. Plast is actively working on strengthening its supply chain to address environmental concerns at every stage, underscoring the importance of sustainable consumption.

A.J. Plast conducts a comprehensive assessment of environmental risks and opportunities, taking into account factors such as changes in laws and regulations, climate change, and drought risks. The company systematically monitors and manages these risks through various risk management and control plans, which include key risk indicators to track performance.

The dedication and commitment of A.J. Plast to sustainability have not gone unnoticed. The company’s remarkable efforts were acknowledged when it received the Rising Star Sustainability Award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2022. This recognition serves as a testament to A.J. Plast’s steadfast commitment to environmental management and sustainability. The company’s exemplary performance in Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives demonstrates its ability to adapt, build resilience, and transform environmental risks into opportunities for business growth.

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