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Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited

“Miramar Group believes that a successful green program should always involve employees at all levels. Everyone in the business operations can contribute to a greener environment with every step.” 

Established in Hong Kong in 1957, Miramar Hotel and Investment Company, Limited (Miramar Group) is a group with a diversified service-oriented business portfolio comprising stylish hotels and serviced apartments, property rental, food and beverage, and travel services in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Miramar Group has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1970 (HKEx Stock Code: 71) and is a member of Henderson Land Group.
Being a responsible corporate citizen in Hong Kong, Miramar Group has operated its businesses in an environmentally conscious way and has taken every step at all levels across the organization with a view to alleviating the environmental impacts from businesses.

From the management perspective, Environmental Policy was approved by the Board as a mandate to the management giving due consideration to environmental issues in its corporate decision-making processes. Two environmental committees, consisting of qualified professionals in environmental and energy-related disciplines, are set up for integrating the Policy into daily operations.

Miramar Group has fully integrated the green approach into its asset enhancement projects and business operations. With the completion of the multi-year asset enhancement program amounted to millions dollars of investment, various kinds of energy-saving chiller plants and a light transmittable TV wall have been installed in Mira Place, the multi-purpose building complex under Miramar Group, with the provision of LED lighting fixtures in the common area of the complex after retro-fitting the lighting system. All these are not only resulting in a significant drop in operational costs, but also maximizing energy efficiency as a whole.
In daily operations, Miramar Group minimizes paperwork and the use of printers, suspends elevator services during non-peak hours temporarily, maintains temperature of public areas at 24˚C to 26˚C in shopping malls, uses green materials in asset enhancement projects and minimizes water consumption through water-saving shower facilities.

Miramar Group believes that striving for a sustainable development and environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility. Hence, it raises employees awareness of environmental issues through education and training. The employees are encouraged to implement energy-saving measures and make recommendations on energy-efficient plans. Notices are posted in offices to remind employees of ways to save energy. “Green Monday” menu is provided in the canteen every month to promote a healthier diet to its employees and to reduce their carbon footprint by advocating less meat consumption.

Apart from hardware upgrade in our premises and the promotion of green culture within its company, Miramar Group also encourages its green leanings to society through its company website, annual reports, community projects, media interviews, speaking in seminars and participation on judging panel for green projects.
To track and measure the effectiveness of Miramar Group’s Environmental Policy, key performance indicators (KPIs) such as electricity consumption were established for monitoring energy saving from its investments on green facilities improvement. Green activities, such as recycling programs and food donation programs, are also tracked. These help the management measure the performance of Miramar Group’s green programs, and give prompt responses to maximize the positive returns.

Through the aforesaid practices and initiatives, stakeholders of the Miramar Group, including shareholders, shoppers, guests and patrons as well as the general public, recognise and appreciate Miramar Group’s efforts on being environmentally friendly. Corporate branding and public perception are enhanced, which ultimately help drive the businesses of Miramar Group.

Over the past years, Miramar Group has received numerous awards in the region recognizing its achievements on energy saving and being an environmentally sustainable company. In addition, Miramar Group has been invited by many professional organizations to share its green practices, which has also considered as valuable opportunities for the Group to leverage on the platform to further enrich its green knowledge and strive for ongoing enhancement.

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