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Sustainability Rising Star Award

Mewah International Inc

Sustainability Rising Star Award


about Mewah International Inc

A Resilient Tomorrow.

Singapore’s Mewah International Inc. drives collective action to cover the full spectrum of sustainability.

Mewah International Inc. is a global food and agribusiness established in Singapore in 1983, providing quality products, such as cooking oils, margarine, rice, sweetened condense creamer and more, to consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. From the sourcing of raw materials and processing to packing and distribution, Mewah’s business operations cover the entire value chain, with its primary capabilities being manufacturing and distribution.

Owing to its mission to create value for its stakeholders by delivering quality products and services to customers worldwide through continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainable business practices, Mewah focuses on edible oils and fats with refineries and processing facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It strategically positions itself to become a global consumer products business by expanding its range of consumer products, and offering specialised applications and customer solutions while consolidating its oils and fats business.

Sustainability is at the centre of all business decisions at Mewah, and the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework defines its sustainability strategies, which focus on 5 key areas, including environmental protection and stewardship, responsible supply chain, product quality and safety, valuing its people, and community support, as well as 19 core areas closely associated to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Through the motto “Supplier Empowerment for a Resilient Tomorrow”, Mewah actively engages with key stakeholders across its business to achieve its sustainability targets, particularly in regards to its palm oil supply chain. Consequently, Mewah adopted the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy to ensure the highest transparency in its supply chain and ascertain deforestation-free palm oil.

Mewah acknowledges just how critical its role is as one of the largest independent refiners in Malaysia, and safeguards the reputation of the country’s palm oil in regards to sustainability through a robust system to make certain that all of its suppliers are engaged and cognizant of the latest sustainability requirements. Today, this system is integrated across more than 150 suppliers’ palm oil mills.

Through these efforts, Mewah is now the first palm oil refinery in Malaysia which has exported the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certified palm oil. Additionally, Mewah is the first company that has publicised summary reports of individual suppliers’ mills that capture findings from its traceability to plantation (TTP) mill assessments. It is indicative of its commitment to driving collective action within the industry in order to achieve transformation and sustain the true values of its sustainability agenda.


Identifying its priority economic, environmental, and social (EES) impact areas through annual materiality assessments and the lens of its stakeholders, Mewah integrates its EES considerations into its operations by gradually shaping positive change for its marketplace and customers, its employees, and the communities it operates in as well as the planet. Mewah trusts that this approach will yield longer term benefits as it shapes a resilient supply chain.

What Mewah does externally is equal to the efforts it spearheads internally. Beyond implementing labour and human rights as well as prioritising occupational safety and health, Mewah offers free medical and dental services to its employees, and continuously assesses, develops, and strengthens its human capital through training and development to cultivate the right competencies, capabilities, and passion.

In regards to CSR, a framework has been set up based on 3 community objectives, including active volunteerism of its employees, supporting the next generation, and disaster relief. Mewah partners with local communities to suppor their needs and facilitate self-reliance, particularly through the provision and support of education, healthcare, and infrastructure growth in its neighbouring communities.

It is evident that building a sustainable business is part of Mewah’s value proposition, and beyond being a priority, sustainability has become its purpose. All of its organisation, coupled with its critical relevant external stakeholders, have been made accountable for the success of its sustainability initiatives, and the scale of its impact has been tremendous. For this reason, Mewah rightfully deserves the Sustainability Rising Star Award by ACES.


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