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“Mencast’s philosophy of  “hiring for attitude and training for skill” establishes a culture of positive behavior within our staff. The right behavior results in a strong system for Process and Cost Management, Standard Operating Procedures and Operational Efficiency to attain our vision and corporate goals. 

“People are our core assets and Mencast is committed to being the employer of choice through recognising the contributions of employees and providing opportunities for staff to maximise their potential and develop their abilities,” said Glenndle Sim, Executive Chairman and CEO of Mencast Holdings Ltd, a Singapore-registered company established in 1981.

With almost 1,000 staff, Mencast is a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul solutions provider servicing the global Offshore, Marine and Oil & Gas industries.

Employees are treated with respect at Mencast. Human resources policies and standards are documented in the Employee Handbook and the Performance Appraisal Handbook and made available to all staff. To allow long term career planning, Mencast ensures that Job Descriptions are clearly defined, allowing the strengths of each staff to be identified and maximised. Mencast invests in a variety of culture and team building resources, including Retreats, Motivational lectures, Huddle Reporting sessions and Strategy Roadmap sessions throughout the year.

Mencast supports the government’s initiatives to promote training and continuing education. External Courses that are eligible for the Skills Development Fund (SDF) levy are available for employee consideration.

The Mencast Centre of Excellence offers in-house structured learning and development training tailored to staff needs in a broad range of areas ranging from generic to highly specialised skills. This training centre was set up with the objective of building on the existing skills of Mencast’s people in a wide range of areas of expertise, including production, safety, management and operational skills.
Courses arranged by Mencast’s Centre of Excellence include:
What about the company’s culture – does it attracts and keeps good, loyal staff? Mencast’s culture emphasises both “doing the right things” {behaviour) as well as “doing things right” (skills). Over the years, Mencast has built a culture where employees are committed to looking out for one another, seeking solutions, retaining technical expertise and maintaining long-term client relationships so as to achieve excellence and progress for the company.

The company has a philosophy of rewarding employees according to their performance. The Performance Appraisal is a performance-based recognition schemes and held twice a year. There is a midyear appraisal in June and a final year appraisal held in December.

Compensation is structured to include a base salary and performance based incentives with both short and long-term rewards to encourage retention. Managers and teams are also recognised and rewarded for working across departments to achieve organisational goals. Mencast’s remuneration strategy has built a performance based culture in which staff is transparently rewarded for their contribution to Group objectives. This spurs staff to perform to the best of their ability while aligning with the goals of creating customer satisfaction and shareholder value. This balanced remuneration strategy drives superior financial performance, engage staff while aligning with shareholders’ interests and is one of the many factors that help make Mencast one of the best companies to work for in Asia.
Mencast’s philosophy of “hiring for attitude and training for skill” helps to set the positive behaviour for the staff. The company believes that the right behaviour results in a good system on Process and Cost Management, Standard Operating Procedures and Operational Efficiency to reach the direction or strategy it has set out for itself. The company believes a positive work-life balance is a vital ingredient to producing enthusiastic, successful, productive and loyal employees and an important element of talent management.

Frequent social events also keep employees interacting socially. These events include dinner and dance events, golf event, CSR events and appreciation meals. They strive for excellence and have fun at the same time.

The top three things Mencast’s employees value about the company are that it seeks solutions (meaningful job), provides opportunities to upgrade their skills (career and personal development), and that everyone looks out for one another (teamwork and connection).

Another factor that pulls everyone together is the Group’s CSR program, the two focus areas of which are Children & Development and Environmental Sustainability. These reach out to a broad range of stakeholders with the aim of integrating CSR into the company’s core business processes and operating as a socially responsible corporate citizen. “Our CSR plan is reviewed annually to align with the interests of targeted stakeholders and achieve active corporate citizenship. In the process, we hope to contribute and support the community with a focus on life transformation and charitable causes for the less fortunate,” explained Mr. Glenndle Sim, Executive Chairman of Mencast.

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