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Sustainability Rising Star Award

Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad

Sustainability Rising Star Award


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Life in the Matrix.

Making eco-consciousness a new reality.

Matrix Concepts Holdings Berhad (MCHB) was established in December 1996 in Malaysia with their principal business operations being property development and its related services. The Group has also expanded its footprint into Indonesia and Australia. Their other businesses comprise of construction, education, hospitality and healthcare.  

MCHB derives its operational synergies across its business model and value chain to enhance the value proposition of its townships and stand-alone property developments. Reflecting its tagline of “Nurturing Environments, Enriching Lives,” MCHB aspires to deliver sustainable community living environments that meet property buyers’ aspirations while providing them with value and the opportunity to enjoy and aspire to better lifestyle experiences. 

In essence, beyond providing quality build and design, MCHB looks to deliver a complete lifestyle eco-system of work, play, dine, shop, learn and more. Having built more than 32,000 properties since their inception, MCHB has delivered a wide range of value to homeowners, beyond capital appreciation, rental yield and other financial or tangible aspects. Through property development, MCHB has helped countless families and individuals derive benefit from owning their own home.

 Being a renowned industry player, MCHB has been the recipient of various industry award such as the Property Insight Prestigious Developer Awards 2020, The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Awards 2020 and Propertyguru’s Asia Property Awards 2020, to name a few.  


In the pursuit of creating both financial and non-financial values, MCHB aspires to strengthen their business model through incorporating ESG considerations within their strategies and business processes. This includes progressively addressing emerging ESG impacts within their supply chain, while continuing to keep fingers on the pulse of their stakeholders. 

MCHB started their sustainability journey back in 2015 with the development of their sustainability roadmap, governance structure and framework, and shortly commenced on ESG reporting based on GRI framework. In 2017, they formally adopted United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

Matrix’s strategic approach to sustainability is centred on value creation; that is the realization of both financial and non-financial outcomes for the Group and stakeholders for mutual benefit over the short, medium and long-perspectives. As such the Group’s Vision and Mission and its strategic plans are centred on a triple bottom-line of ESG Principles. 

Sustainability in MCHB is driven by the Board of Directors, through its Board Level’s Sustainability Committee. The ESG agenda has the oversight of the Group’s highest decision-making body. The Sustainability Committee was established in November 2016 and since then, ESG matters such as occupational safety and health (OSH), talent management, waste management, water consumption, carbon emissions and others, come under the purview of the Committee and are subsequently tabled to the Board. 


In response to regulatory and market forces as well as the Group’s growing convictions, MCHB continues to explore ways to incorporate environmental and social considerations within its products. The use of Aluminum Formwork is one example of how MCHB continues to meet the nation’s needs for quality and affordable homes. The use of AF reduces resource consumption and wastage, and enables greater consistency in quality, while reducing the overall environmental footprint from the construction process. 

Moving forward, MCHB intends to also consider other construction methodologies which are more eco-friendly and costs efficient such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and Circular Construction, in a move towards enhancing efficiency and reducing their environmental footprint. 

The Group is also increasingly looking to include other more eco-friendly features in its properties, and to offer more of such options to homeowners as part of their ownership package. The use of grey water or reclaimed water as well as more rainwater harvesting to reduce dependence on potable water is also being adopted. 

The average citizen will not realize the role they place in sustainability unless the intangibles are made visible. Matrix Concepts has done this in a well-thought out way, merging more sustainable construction methods with the delivery of stellar houses which are build around greener concepts and practicalities.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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