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KTAXA creates a family-like atmosphere where everyone feels at home, is treated with respect and is rewarded and recognized for their achievements. Its performance-driven, strong work ethic culture is balanced by an ideology of common care, and outstanding employee reward and recognition programs.

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Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited

Power To The People

Nurturing people the Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance way.

Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance Public Company Limited (KTAXA) is serious about the quality of life in its workplaces. This is evident in its core purpose of empowering people to live better lives. To do this the company’s core values espouse Customer Centricity, Courage, Integrity and One Heart.

KTAXA ensures that sustainability and responsibility are part of company DNA, and evident in every single aspect of its business, including simple, clear products and services which protect people and help them manage their finances; the equal treatment of every individual, support for communities, reduction of carbon footprint, the promotion of responsible investment, and ultimately, the value the company places on its employees.
To achieve this, engagement at every level is championed, from a Chief Executive Office who speaks fluent Thai at Town Hall meetings, to the hosting of regular Customer Experience workshops where customers, staff and agents are invited to provide feedback on products and the customer experience. Information gathered is documented, analyzed and considered carefully for future strategy. KTAXA also engages regularly with the local community via its Fabric Policy Program where the company commissions local communities to weave and produce material for KTAXA’s souvenirs, and fabric for its policy covers.
KTAXA believes that Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability must start at the top and be driven throughout the entire organization. As such, its Chief Customer Officer (CCO), who is also a member of the Executive team, oversees the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Program. There is also a dedicated executive, known as a Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Champion, selected from the staff, to oversee segments of the program. A dedicated CR & Sustainability Department manages the overall strategy and budget.
Determining factors in setting annual sustainability targets and goals include current needs, feedback from stakeholders and partners, available budget, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index criteria and the Environmental and Transportation targets as set by the Group. KTAXA and all AXA entities are measured annually using the Dow Jones Sustainability Index questionnaire, a self- assessment tool that analyses more than 70 factors (23 of which pertain to personnel development) related to a broad set of sustainability criteria.

KTAXA employees number 1,096, with 676 women team members. In 2018, its turnover rate was 12.6 percent, which is lower than the Thai insurance turnover rate of 14 percent. This is attributed to the company’s stellar human resources programs, which include leadership development programs for staff at all levels, sales excellence, technical and business excellence courses, and Thai and English classes. Digital learning is supported by AXA University which partners with five global institutes of learning who offer gamification and virtual learning for new skills to be learnt anytime, anywhere. The company also fully supports personal development with career counseling and mentoring programs. Above all, executives are encouraged to look outside themselves and their own objectives in order to be more supportive of customers, co-workers, managers, and their direct reports, in order to become more successful.

To ensure work-life balance, KTAXA organizes an all-expenses paid annual weekend away company outing, and separate family outings. The company also offers yoga and Zumba classes, as well as massages with visually impaired therapists on site. The insurance giant also encourages employees to volunteer and work together to support less privileged communities through the Hearts in Action program. This not only promotes philanthropy in the organization, but also provides opportunities for staff to become friends. KTAXA believes that people are more committed when there is a process for them to contribute their ideas and suggestions.

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