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Sustainability Rising Star Award

KONE Elevator (M) Sdn Bhd

Sustainability Rising Star Award


about KONE Elevator (M) Sdn Bhd

The machines of a greener time.

Creating value sustainably.

KONE Elevator (M) Sdn Bhd  (KONE) was established in Malaysia in 1982 and is a fully-owned subsidiary of KONE Corporation headquartered in Helsinki, Finland since 1910. In 2020, KONE Corporation celebrated its 110th anniversary. Its roots go back to 1910, when a machine repair shop in Helsinki became known as KONE, meaning ‘machine’ in Finnish.

KONE provides its customers with industry-leading elevators, escalators and innovative solutions for modernization and maintenance, and is one of the global leaders in its industry. 

Their vision is to create the best People Flow experience, by providing Ease, Effectiveness and Experiences to users and customers over the full life-cycle of the buildings. 

Building on their past achievements over the years, KONE developed a renewed strategy phase for 2021-2024 dubbed Sustainable Success with Customers. With this, they focus on increasing the value they create for their customers with new intelligent solutions, and embed sustainability even deeper across all of their operations. 

Recognizing that sustainability is the biggest challenge of the current times, KONE endeavors to be part of the solution. With their clear objective to be a leader in sustainability, KONE helps their customers to achieve their sustainability objectives to become the preferred partner for smart and sustainable city development. 

At KONE, sustainability covers their offering, operations and culture; and encompasses environmental aspects, diversity and inclusion, safety, quality and ethics and compliance. Hence, KONE’s sustainability framework also addresses concerns directly related to ethic and compliance, diversity and inclusion, environment; and customers and solutions.


As sustainability is embedded into the culture at KONE, they realize that the tone set from the top is critical in driving action but real success can only be measured on the ground. Hence, one of the key actions taken at the beginning of the year, immediately after the new strategy launch, was to establish a sustainability taskforce dubbed the ‘Powerhouse’.

The objective of Powerhouse is to quickly create and heighten the awareness on sustainability through various channels of employee communication, including strong collaboration with ‘KONE UnifieRs’, the heartbeat of KONE Malaysia, which connects and unifies employees across functions via organizing engaging and caring activities for their people and the community around them.

KONE’s sustainability targets are addressed in four sustainability focus areas, which are providing the most sustainable offerings; working towards a more sustainable future; empowering their people and attracting the best talent; and being a good corporate citizen.

In creating sustainable offerings, KONE aims to be the best partner for climate resilient and sustainable buildings throughout their life cycle. In transforming the built environment, circular material flows and net zero emissions play a key role. Sustainable, healthy building design and construction, minimized and renewable energy consumption, as well as improved indoor air quality are all contributing factors.

KONE contributes to green building through optimized and renewable energy consumption, long- lasting, reliable and healthy materials and circularity. They constantly focus on the energy efficiency of their products and optimize material use, targeting a 40% reduction in emissions related to the materials used and lifetime energy consumption per products ordered. KONE can help customers reduce their carbon footprint by providing products with a long lifetime, high-energy efficiency and low embodied carbon. 

As KONE targets to be the leader in sustainability, a key area of their focus is environmental sustainability. Close monitoring of their carbon emission from electricity, water, paper and fuel usage every month helps them identify excessive energy usage and to reduce their carbon footprint. Other steps along their supply chain to ensure sustainability, such as testing of zero-emission ocean shipments and environmentally friendly packing solutions, are also being implemented.


KONE understands that all sustainability initiatives are set from the top, but real success can only be measured on the ground. That is why there is always circulating discussions around their green initiatives, which take in consideration the thoughts and capabilities of each level of the organization. 

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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