Globe Telecom, Inc


Asia's Best Workplace of the Year

Globe Telecom, Inc

Asia's Best Workplace of the Year


Globe Telecom, Inc.

Going Global

A company made for digital lifestyle and people.

Globe Telecom is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines and operates one of the largest mobile, fixed line, and broadband networks in the country. Established in 1935, it is listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of US$3.8 billion as of the end of June 2018.
As of 31 December 2017, this digital lifestyle company has a staff force of 7,206 and has garnered a reputation for servicing the needs of its customers. It is also a highly sought after company by jobseekers. On the same year, it registered an attrition of 10.2 percent, which is below the 12 percent industry rate. As the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company, Globe believes its purpose is to improve the lives of its people by helping them find purpose, meaning and value in what they do; and see the role that their work plays in their personal growth. For this reason, Globe serves as a partner for employees to reach their personal goals, and in so doing, achieve the company’s objectives. Globe places priority on its employees’ talent development, holistic growth, and empowerment.

This initiative starts early on in the recruitment stage, where candidates are selected not only by skills and experience, but by values, goals, and behavioral and leadership competencies that are aligned with the company’s principles.
Globe is constantly on the lookout for young promising talents. The G2G (Graduate to Globe) programme scouts for potential leaders and innovators from universities all over the country, and gives them the opportunity to be part of the Globe team. Graduate 2 Globe (G2G) offers internship to high-potential students from partner schools. Through a 12-month Management Development Program, student-interns can explore different job roles at Globe, allowing them to lend their insights and contribute to the company’s projects.

In their efforts to nurture game-changers and innovators, Globe goes to great lengths to provide creative and dynamic environments for their employees. The workplace doubles as a playground for the imagination. There are 130 meeting areas, comprising colorful breakout rooms and lounges to stimulate creativity, while outdoor gardens for al-fresco dining give room for relaxation. Gallery lounges also help supply an unlimited supply of inspiration.
Employees work in an open, collaborative environment that fosters innovation. Managers and executives sit side-by-side with other members of their department to make it easier for movement and the sharing of ideas. The company has 130 meeting areas in the building, from breakout rooms, a lounge area, art gallery, three open-space gardens, and an employee center. There’s also a cashless cafeteria powered by G-Cash, an IT bar, and “ICON” LED TV screens that keep employees informed at all times of business updates, product innovations, and marketing promotions. Google drives, hangouts, and circles are integrated into staff’s workflow to make office communication and file sharing more conducive.

Globe believes in creating a fun environment to work in. Fun@work is a Human Resource initiative that encourages people to participate in fun and exciting activities, events, after-office gatherings, such as electronic games, videoke nights and quiz bee Fridays, sports tournaments, exclusive weekly discounts and health/wellness activities.

At Globe, the employees are more than just colleagues, but family as well. To foster this family culture, the company ensures that every family member (Ka-Globe) is heard, understood, and included in everything they do.

A Ka-Globe Jam, an organization-wide town hall event which is held every quarter, where senior leaders, led by Globe CEO, Ernest Cu, summarizes and celebrates quarterly business results, achievements, and milestones of the company. It is also where business directions are discussed to help employees understand and take action.

More importantly, it is a venue for dialogue, understanding, and inclusiveness. Employees are given opportunity to voice their opinions, and are encouraged to submit anonymous questions directly to top management.

Globe further believes that it is the company’s duty to invest in the growth of their people through continuous training and upgrading, and thus, those components are an integral part of the company’s policy. Globe University enrolls employees in partner schools, and offer institutionalized training and development for technology and innovation, sales and marketing, leadership and professional development. Over 100 courses have been conducted, with over 2,900 employees and 1,000 leaders having benefitted from the program.
The Everyday Leadership program is designed for Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents, to teach them the key actions, behaviors, aptitude and attitude of an effective leader – skills that help drive team performance and motivation.

The Customer First Circle (CFC) is a customer care program where employees are taught Lean Six Sigma to streamline processes and systems toward high-impact savings, and collaboratively work on projects to help the company serve the customer better. The company has an Innovation Forum, where they showcase Globe and partner companies’ most promising tech projects, while acquainting employees to existing ones.

Even the employees’ kids have benefitted from Globe’s development programs. The Junior Mobile Wizard provides part-time experience to kids, where they learn basic selling skills and are deployed in Globe stores around the country.

As an advocate for community and social responsibility, Globe nurtures its people’s innate desire to help the community by providing every employee with two days of Volunteer Time-Off annually to pursue their advocacy. It also institutes activity-based and skill-based volunteering to support a partner group or community, organising volunteers and providing pro bono services, capacity building, or skills transfer. The company also encourages ‘volunteaming,’ where employees are free to choose the advocacy in which they want to participate in. In 2017, volunteerism in Globe reached an all-time high of 52.8 percent of total employee base, with 3,803 employees volunteering for various social development causes with over 3,000 employees contributing over 60,000 man-hours.
Globe offers the industry’s most competitive compensation with incentive rewards ranging from three (3) to twelve (12) months salary when the employees achieve their targets. In addition, the company practices the culture of honoring their employees by holding an annual gala called The Globe Excellence Awards, where top Globe employees across all levels and categories are acknowledged for their contribution to the company. Employees are provided an outlet to appreciate the hard work and service of others. They can send virtual ‘Thank You’s’ for efforts done, and these are converted into points and redeemed for merchandise and other rewards.

The company puts a premium on the well-being of their people and their family. In addition to the statutory benefits, Globe gives their employees the opportunity to customise not only their own benefits, but also their dependents’ through the ‘My Choice Flexible Benefits Program.’ Employees may choose to convert part of their remuneration package into points, which they can spend on other benefits.

At Globe, the Human Resources Department’s role goes beyond recruitment. In line with this, Globe’s Human Resources Department serves as a support system for employees to ensure the continuity of growth, staff wellness, and to help realize the individual employee’s career and development aspirations.

The company assigns a HR Business Partner (HRBP) to each business group. This specialist HR staff has the dedicated role to understand the business strategies and objectives, and is tasked to develop the blueprint of solutions for organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, leadership, talent and team development, talent acquisition, learning and development, total rewards and information management.

As a company that is made for digital lifestyle and people, all employee programs created within the organization ensure that Globe obsesses about its customer. At Globe, its purpose goes beyond reaching the revenue goals and company profitability. ‘In everything that we do, we treat people right,’ that is its Purpose. The organization remains steadfast in taking good care of its employees and treating its people right — the same people who make Globe successful and be where it is today.

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