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Growing the Globe of Good.

Connecting the Philippines through digitzation and more.

Registered in 1935 in the Philippines, Globe Telecom (Globe) is recognized as the Philippines’ leading provider of full-service telecommunications. It currently has over 8,300 employees and serve over 86 million mobile subscribers which comprises of individuals, small and medium businesses, and corporate and enterprise clients. In addition to its products and services that range from mobile, fixed, broadband, data connectivity to managed services, Globe also has a growing portfolio of healthtech, adtech, edutech and e-commerce businesses.

As a purpose-driven company, Globe is dedicated to living out its core values, known as the Globe Way Values, in every interaction with their customers and employees. In living out the Globe Way Values, Globe is able to fulfill its purpose: “In everything that we do, we treat people right to create a Globe of Good,” and ultimately realize their vision of creating a Philippines where families, businesses, and the nation are empowered and admired. 

Holding steadfast to their corporate values, Globe’s approach to managing their workforce is targeted at retaining great talent, and giving them the opportunity to shine and thrive. In 2021, Globe’s turnaround rate was 2.6 percent at the lowest and 11 percent at its highest. With 11 percent still considered an industry-low, this bears testament to Globe’s success in ensuring employees receive the right opportunities, benefits and effective programs which motivates them to stay with the company. 

 As a strong advocate of gender equality, and equal opportunity for everyone, Globe underscores the importance of conferring respect on everyone, regardless of age, race, ability, or gender, across all its employees. This is part of their commitment to creating a more advanced and inclusive workplace. 

In 2019, Globe became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and is thus committed to implementing sustainability principles hinged on four pillars that include Digital Nation, Care for the Environment, Care for People, and Positive Societal Impact. Globe has been supportive of the Ten Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) which promote diversity and inclusion, especially in the workplace. 

Globe has also emphasized the professional development of their employees by proving high-impact opportunities through various training and development programs. They believe that to maintain the company’s competitive advantage, it is crucial to equip employees with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills; making each employee future-proof. 

Through its Globe University program, employees can access various learning opportunities and paths aligned to their career advancement. It also introduces learning programs to new-hires as early as day one of their on-boarding. Among some of their offerings include IT Academy, Network Academy, Business Enabling Academy, Essential Skills Academy and Sustainability Academy. 

By giving employees opportunities to hone their skills and knowledge, Globe is able to nurture a strong talent pool that is competitive, dynamic and most importantly, skilled and able to lead should they transition into a new position, either within Globe or another organization. 

Globe has remained committed to providing employees with the best health and safety protection amid the pandemic as well. As part of the initial safety protocols, Globe implemented comprehensive measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees. In addition, it eventually built and launched its own apps and facilities; and partnered with various organizations to provide protection and support for employees’ physical and mental health.

 Apart from the regular benefits, Globe ensures that each employee is well compensated and receives the right benefits tailor-fit to their needs. To do this, they have improved the company’s remuneration policy, philosophy, and framework to recognize and reward talents who demonstrate and create value for the organization so as to further encourage and nurture a strong, performance-based culture.

Globe has consistently rated highly at every ACES judging, with a watertight plan for training, on-boarding and employee retention. The Filipino telco is a giant in the field of Human Resources, with its people-centric policies, individualized rewards programs, and personalized career path-charting.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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