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Green Company Of The Year

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

Green Company Of The Year


Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

“The company subscribes to the principle that used products are not waste, but can be recycled as valuable resources and, therefore, constantly endeavours to achieve resource recycling and a zero emission throughout all their business territories in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Fuji Xerox gives maximum consideration toward being in harmony with the environment in every area of its business, mobilizing all its capabilities to lead the industry in the creation of environmental value at every stage of its products’ lifecycle, including the sourcing of parts and materials, assembly, processing, logistics, end-user power consumption, and product recycling and disposal. For Fuji Xerox, sustainability has become a way of life.
Environmental consciousness is one of the 10 Shared Values at Fuji Xerox. The company recognizes that global warming, natural resource depletion, chemical pollution and the destruction of biodiversity are the most pressing sustainability issues in our business value chain and the industry.

Rising mineral prices have an impact on business operating cost. Business continuity is affected by natural disasters such as floods and typhoons that are occurring more frequently due to global warming. The lack of ethical natural resource procurement results in further destruction of our natural habitats and forestry.

In 2009, Fuji Xerox has reaffirmed its commitment to become a top level worldwide contributor to environmental protection and established targets to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent from its overall lifecycle stage (from the level in FY2005) and reduce CO2 emissions at customers’ sites by seven million tons per annum by FY2020. The company also subscribes to the principle that used products are not waste, but can be recycled as valuable resources and, therefore, constantly endeavours to achieve resource recycling and a zero emission throughout its business territories in the Asia-Pacific region.
In 2013, Fuji Xerox introduced a company-wide initiative, “Challenge Eco No.1” to accelerate the company’s progress in reducing environment impact across its business activities at every stage of its product life-cycle – from the sourcing of parts and materials, fabrication and assembly, processing, logistics and end-user power consumption, to product disposal and recycling.

Having a mindset of “environmental protection” begins with all Fuji Xerox’s employees. As an example, the company’s offices in Japan are installed with smart technologies that trigger the off-switch for lights when there’s no movement detected in the meeting rooms. Employees in Asia are also advised to switch off the office lights during lunch hour to conserve energy consumption. It is an example of the company’s Genko Itchi principle and management philosophy to “walk the talk”, a step in the company’s efforts to be a role model to their customers and stakeholders.

Fuji Xerox recognizes that it can achieve the most significant environmental footprint reduction through green product innovation and development. Its ‘RealGreen concept’ in product development sees individual employees on the frontline of operations being trained to identify problems intrinsic to the business, along with the goal of overcoming sustainability challenges. Efforts such as the reduction of paper printing helps with resource saving, reducing paper document storage helps with space saving, and business processes migrated to an IT platform helps with efficiency and resource optimisation.
These higher energy savings are passed on to customers; while IT optimisation products help everyone in the value chain accumulate savings in time, cost, space, and transport. Environmental consciousness is now embedded in the Fuji Xerox corporate culture and remains one of its 10 shared values.

One of the ways the company is instilling this paradigm shift is to have its teams and stakeholders view production processes not as a linear process, but as a circular economy. This means that precious resources and products should not be treated as garbage to be dumped in landfills, but rather reused, recycled or repurposed. Another way to be more environmentally conscious is for the company’s design teams to re-evaluate the products and services to help with resource and disposal management, while also keeping cost- and energy-saving solutions in mind. The company also introduced a robust sustainable paper procurement and FSC certification programme to ensure that its suppliers are ethical in producing environmental-friendly paper. As an international brand and market leader, Fuji Xerox leads the way in raising awareness of environmental consciousness among its customers and stakeholders through dialogues and collaborations.

In 2003, Fuji Xerox became a signatory to the UN Global Compact; today, Fuji Xerox is one of the 43 LEAD companies globally, and also serves on the Board. A strong advocate in the promotion of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), Fuji Xerox is actively contributing to these goals. In May 2016, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific became the first in the industry to become a GRI GOLD community member, committed to help promote sustainability reporting’s impact in empowering business decisions. The company also engage with ICT companies to address environmental issues and share best practices.

With more than 45,000 employees globally, Fuji Xerox is in a good position to inculcate environmental consciousness, not only internally and within its corporate culture, but throughout geographies and communities where its teams live and work.
Fuji Xerox is known for its innovative green solutions and its continuous commitment to developing greener features for its products. Since 2005, Fuji Xerox’s products have been known to achieve an 80 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Workplaces are transformed with digitalisation – and with sustainability in mind. In March 2016, Fuji Xerox in Hong Kong launched a three-stage sustainable management solutions and services programme to help businesses kick-start their sustainability journey and reduce their carbon footprints by lowering the energy consumption of their respective offices.

Fuji Xerox Hong Kong has also used cloud technology to help develop environmental social data management and reporting. The iESG is a simple and user-friendly cloud-based platform that streamlines the sustainability reporting process for companies looking to manage their sustainability performance monitoring effectively. It can be easily customized to suit every company’s diverse sustainability reporting requirements.

Fuji Xerox believes that environmental sustainability is achievable for companies no matter their size. Introducing sustainable workplace practices and business decisions can cost very little. Greening an office – or an entire company – can begin in small ways, and can have large, long-lasting, and positive impact to the business in the long term.

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