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FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited

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About FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited

“People are one of the most important assets of our company. ”

FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy companies originated in the Netherlands, supplies dairy products containing valuable nutrients, nourishes the world’s population with over 140 years of dairy expertise.

FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1938, as a subsidiary of FrieslandCampina, providing high quality and nutritious dairy products including FRISO infant and toddler milk formula, DUTCH LADY dairy based beverages, and dairy products including BLACK&WHITE and LONGEVITY, as well as adult formula OPTIMEL, for consumers, customers and food service business partners in Hong Kong and Macau.

FrieslandCampina Hong Kong has over 140 employees, with a company turnover rate of 13.8 percent as compared to the industry average of 16-17 percent. The company adopts People Centric Approach that nourishes employee by unleashing their potential in functional and behavioral competency, identifying potential future leaders to grow with the company, promoting open door policy that enables fair and transparent culture and, encouraging work-life balance that enables a healthy development among employees so as people retention.
Growing from within
FrieslandCampina Hong Kong aligns corporate policy by adopting Talent Management Cycle, a global talent management system that captures the growth and development of all employees. The system allows FrieslandCampina Talent Management Council and local Human Resources and Management Team to identify individual potential, map with development needs and growth plan, and opportunities from local and around the world.

Invest in People
Partnering with the Ashridge Business School in the UK, potential employees are sent to Academic Potential Program and Future Leaders Program that are designed for junior management and middle management respectively, to exchange learn with talents of the same potential worldwide. Senior Management will be enrolled to IMO Program partnered with the IMO Business School in Switzerland, to immerse them further into the company and its business challenges.

Training and development budgets are set each year, with overall 20-30 training programs conducted for the 140 employees in Hong Kong. Tailored coaching programs partnering with external coaches are arranged for specific employees.

Transparent and fair communication
The company is open to hear feedback from employee through Over2You system, an integrated employee survey for an all-rounded assessment of the company’s performance worldwide, conducted online every two years. Over2You serves as a crucial channel that enable employee engagement and communication enhancement, and enable HR from global to local level will develop follow-up plans and actions to address strengths and weakness identified from the survey results.
Promote work-life balance
The company places a priority on work-life balance. It provides full support to employees who are parents-to-be, offering 12-week maternity leave, and providing a breast-feeding room for working mothers. Special employment arrangements such as part-time or contract employment are also offered.

Reflected by Over2You survey results, the three things employees at FrieslandCampina Hong Kong valued the most about the company are safety and social responsibility, customer, and line management. Fittingly, the company’s score for safety and social responsibility has increased by 12 percent from 2012 to 2014, reflecting its success in effectively addressing employees’ expectation in the improvement of CSR initiatives.

Management style, change capability, and performance and development are the highest when compared to Hong Kong norms. As reflected in the Over2You system, the company’s score for performance and development was 14.49 percent higher than the Hong Kong norm. In terms of management style and change capability, FrieslandCampina Hong Kong scored 23 percent and 32 percent higher than the Hong Kong norm respectively. The results indicate the company’s success in business and people strategy.

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