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Community Initiative Award

Frasers Property Retail Management Pte Ltd

Community Initiative Award


about Frasers Property Retail Management Pte Ltd

Building An Ecosystem of Care.

Property management firm shapes community around its developments. 

Frasers Property Retail, the retail-focused business unit of Frasers Property Limited (Group), manages a portfolio comprising one office property and 14 shopping malls, including both integrated mixed-use developments and suburban malls strategically located near transportation nodes within densely populated areas, through its property management company, Frasers Property Retail Management Pte Ltd. 

Consistently delivering memorable shopping experiences of tomorrow, Frasers Property Retail believes that maintaining exemplary environmental health and safety standards contributes to its sustainable growth trajectory, while benefitting its customers, employees, and the environment. Together with a “safety first” culture, the company is constantly building a safe working environment where staff can thrive and grow in their passion to build resilient properties for generations to come.  

As one of Singapore key leaders in managing suburban malls, Frasers Property Retail actively sets industry benchmarks in building sustainable communities, starting with healthier, greener spaces and delivering internationally recognized standards of environmental design and performance. 

Frasers Property Retail’s sustainability strategy is very much aligned with the Group’s Sustainability Framework established in 2018, setting out the sustainability priorities through to 2030. The Framework’s three pillars, which are “Acting Progressively”, “Consuming Responsibly” and “Focusing on People”, form a multi-disciplinary approach that recognizes 13 corresponding environmental, social and governance focus areas. Frasers Property Retail continuously reviews its practices, policies, performance and targets in relation to these focus areas. 

One of Frasers Property Retail’s key focus areas, Community Connectedness, seeks to develop meaningful long-term relationships within the community that respect local cultures and create lasting benefits; and identify measurements to understand the positive contributions the company is making to the community. 

Frasers Property Retail’s approach towards philanthropy and volunteering activities are guided by the Group’s Community Investment Framework newly launched in 2020. The group-wide Community Investment Framework saw a contribution of over S$1 million and 6,000 staff-volunteer hours to local communities.  The Framework sets the foundation for Frasers Property Retail to make informed decisions and influence change in the community.  It prioritizes three focus areas, Environment, Health and Education, as key areas where it would like to make the greatest positive impact.

As part of its commitment towards creating places for lively and vibrant community building, Frasers Property Retail remains focused on helping groups in need, fostering strong community ties, and promoting family values. Its mode of community engagement includes annual charity drives and mass participation events. The malls of Frasers Property also provide venue space at their malls to support charitable organizations, ensuring these communities grow alongside its business. The company seeks partnerships with local communities and non-profit organizations to embark on this journey together.

Among some of its notable initiatives, Frasers Property Retail launched a food collection drive with its long-term partner Food Bank Singapore, with the hope of tackling food insecurity while reducing food waste. The company has also partnered with Workforce Singapore and Marsiling Constituency Office for a roadshow promoting newly created jobs, traineeships and skills upgrading opportunities under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package.

“Frasers Property Retail’s ecosystem of care has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure continuity and longevity. As real estate developers, the organization is cognizant of the living and growing that happens in their developments, and go the extra mile to ensure that all community engagements are life-giving and happy.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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