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Genpact Services LLC Philippines

“Genpact tracks attrition, internal job rotations, rewards and recognition, Education@Work and employee engagement across all levels in order to measure and determine the overall health of its various employee initiatives.”

Established in 2006 in Manila, Genpact Services LLC Philippines is part of the global professional services firm that focuses on delivering digital transformation to its clients. It integrates Lean principles, design thinking, analytics and digital technologies with domain and industry expertise to deliver disruptive business outcomes, in an approach the company calls Lean DigitalSM.

In the Philippines, Genpact operates in Alabang, Quezon City and Bataan. During its ten years here, Genpact has consistently demonstrated competitive retention rates in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. It has managed to overcome the industry’s main challenge of high attrition rates with the help of an integrated approach that interlinks talent development, cultivation of employee engagement and boosting of performance levels.
As an organisation which values its employees as its biggest asset, Genpact puts a great deal of emphasis on investing in their personal and professional development, It track attrition, internal job rotations, rewards and recognition, Education@Work and employee engagement across all levels, in order to measure and determine the overall health of its various employee initiatives.

The company has a high-performance employee acquisition, retention and training programme that delivers best-in-class service through best-in-class talent. Genpact also keeps its fixed-salary ranges close to the market median and a gives its employees a substantial part of their compensation through performance-linked incentives which are both monetary and non-monetary. ‘Cheers’ is a company catalog redemption programme that rewards outstanding employee contributions. Managers are allocated ‘Cheers’ points, which they award to their team members. Employees can redeem these points for gifts from the Cheers catalog.

Genpact Philippines sees the Human Resources Department as an indispensable and integral part of its business, and holds weekly meetings and collaborations between HR and all other departments, to discuss the performance of all its employees. This allows managers to arrive at a win-win situation that helps drive productivity, boosts the company morale and promotes the welfare of all employees.
Genpact has created various touch points and communication channels with its employees, and believes strongly in transparency through Townhalls and department meetings where employees can bring up any issue before the top two executives, without fear of prejudice. Quarterly web chats with the leadership teams are another opportunity for all employees to raise their concerns, anonymously or otherwise.

The company’s diversity and inclusion programmes focus on creating a supportive ecosystem for all women employees. Genpact’s Returning Moms programme ensures that its women employees are well-supported once they come back into the corporate world after their maternity leave, while the Mother’s Break programme provides appropriate facilities for nursing mothers. There is also a 24-hour childcare facility available at all its sites.

Genpact’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes reach out immediately in the aftermath of an upheaval or calamity. Its employees have sourced, packed, organised and transported food, water, clothing, and other essential items, to people in need within hours of ‘permission to assist’ being granted by the government.

Long-term programmes organise English-language and other literacy classes in public schools. Genpact Philippines’ employees allocate a specific amount of their time to teaching the basics of reading and writing, sharing their knowledge and skills, mentoring young students, and giving them hope for a brighter tomorrow. Books, notebooks and all the supplies needed for these endeavours are donated by the employees.

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