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Eastman Chemical Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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From compliance and business ethics to protecting natural resources and supporting inclusion and diversity efforts, Eastman is committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and its responsibility to the people in its site communities and society as a whole.

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Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd

Eastman Chemical’s continued commitment to sustainability.

Committed to the good health of Thailand.

Eastman Chemical Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. located in Singapore is no stranger to being a leader in Corporate Responsibility. It is part of Eastman’s culture and legacy.

With a focus on environment, education, economic development and empowerment, Eastman Singapore has dedicated sustainability and corporate responsibility teams working at a global and regional level to continue the company’s commitment to the environment, ethical business practices, and responsible corporate behavior.
Eastman engages its Asia Pacific offices by hosting community events that demonstrate its commitment and efforts in relation to safety, sustainability and enhances communication between the company and the local community. The company continues its commitment towards global standards that includes Global Reporting Initiative reporting and strategies to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Under the framework of the SDG, Eastman is able to align its goals to act dynamically in the short term, but also make long-term commitments to address complex issues including gender equality and climate change.
Eastman Singapore is committed to finding solutions to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues that are important not only to its investors and stakeholders, but also to society at large. Leadership in Eastman Singapore, which includes the Vice-President & Managing Director (Asia Pacific) among other heads, plays an important role in the regional ESG council that meets on a quarterly basis to manage and work on ESG-related issues, opportunities, and plans, and execute sustainability-related strategies. They also consistently engage with the global sustainability and corporate responsibility teams to better understand, communicate and implement Eastman’s global strategy and align it with the company’s regional focus.
The Eastman Foundation, a private charitable foundation and separate entity of Eastman, actively invests in our global community that promotes economic and societal progress to create a sustainable positive impact. The Foundation focuses on empowering people, strengthening communities and protecting the plant by leveraging new and long-standing partnerships, dedicated team members and resources to create community-driven initiatives and projects to improve the quality of life for all.
The company’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives reach our global community through education, environmental awareness and community development programs and partnerships. Corporate responsibility projects undertaken in the previous year include a beach clean-up at East Coast Park involving approximately 40 employees from the Singapore office, and playing the role of host and mentor to 20 University of South Carolina postgraduate scholars majoring in Human Resource to experience the Singapore office’s unique business environment to expose these future professionals to the work environment and culture in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

Eastman Singapore, manufactures and sells chemicals, plastics and fibers that are used as key ingredients in a variety of products. They were honored this year with the Excellence Awards during the Annual Dinner and Annual Responsible Care Awards Presentation by the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in recognition of the company’s efforts in implementing good Responsible Care initiatives and promoting sustainability practices.

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