Green Initiative Award


Green Initiative Award


about DRB HICOM Berhad

When every little bit matters.

Reaping green rewards with initially small steps.

DRB-HICOM Berhad (“DRB-HICOM”, “the Group”) is one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in Malaysia, engaged principally in the automotive, aerospace and defence, postal, banking, services and properties businesses. DRB-HICOM’s sustainability approach is anchored on their vision to be a front-runner in meeting the sustainable standards set by the nation. They have set up a Board Risk and Sustainability Committee to oversee their sustainability agenda and to advance the Group’s sustainability leadership. The Group also has a sustainability policy and framework that lays down the general principles and structures that governs the sustainability strategy of the organization to foster sustainable value creation for its stakeholders.

DRB-HICOM’s commitment towards protecting the environment are described in their Sustainability Policy and Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Policy where they pledged to continuously measure and improve environmental performance. The policies are applicable to all products and services, organisational units, subsidiaries and operations where they operate in, as well as their supply chain. Particularly in the aspect of Environmental Stewardship, both policies outline the Group’s commitments and expectations, which include efficient use of natural resources, minimising carbon footprint, efficient waste and effluent management, encouraging the development of a circular economy; and preventing pollution.

They also work with their suppliers to ensure they comply with their policies, the Vendor Code of Conduct and the Sustainable Procurement Policy that states the requirements for sustainable social and environmental practices.

Being an automotive conglomerate, DRB-HICOM recognises that they operate in an energy-intensive industry. Guided by their Sustainability Policy, which states their commitment to aligning their goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Government, DRB-HICOM has invested much effort in their water, waste and carbon management.

Having invested heavily in a number of core energy-saving programmes since the start of their sustainability journey, DRB-HICOM is committed to playing their role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their pilot project began harvesting renewable solar energy in 2020, with a total capacity of 14 MWp contributed from two of their subsidiaries, PROTON (12 MWp) and Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) (2 MWp).

As an effort to pave the way towards a more sustainable and green future, DRB-HICOM will continue to adopt and install solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems across their operating companies. The initiation of the Group-wide Solar PV project, which began in 2019, has resulted in as an increase to eight locations across the Group, with a total solar capacity of nearly 30 Megawatt peak (MWp) by end-2021. As at Q3/2021, DRB-HICOM saw a total of 33.2 million kilowatt hours energy savings in their total energy consumption.

Their sustainability efforts also reiterate the need to manage and minimise waste and effluent, as well as encourage consistent practices of reuse, recycle, remanufacture and recovery of product. Various recycling activities have been implemented progressively, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. 

Other initiatives include the installation of food composting machine and encouraging employees and other stakeholders to recycle.

As part of DRB-HICOM’s efforts in water management, various sustainable water consumption initiatives, such as wastewater recycling and controlled groundwater withdrawal have been implemented. Additionally, the quality of effluent discharge from their manufacturing business is continuously monitored, ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements imposed by the Department of Environment. 


“The initiation of DRB Hicom’s Solar PV project has resulted in an increase of eight locations across the Group, with a total solar capacity of nearly 30 Mega-Watt peak (MWp) by end-2021. As at Q3/2021, DHB saw a total of 33.2 million kWh energy savings in their total energy consumption, a laudable effort on the past of one of Malaysia’s largest business groups.

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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