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Top CSR Advocates in Asia


About Digi Telecommunications

“We bring vital infrastructure, new services and products that inspires, stimulate progres, and promote change”

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) was established in Malaysia in 1995 and provides mobile voice, internet,and digital services to 11.8 million customers in Malaysia. Listed on Bursa Malaysia, it is part of global telecommunications provider Telenor Group and is a leader in driving progressive and responsible business practices. In 2014 Digi declared a profit of RM2 billion.

Digi’s mission is to deliver ‘Internet for All’ by building a connected Malaysia – enabling access to mobile internet services and applications. By building a world-class telecoms infrastructure, and making it easy to own a smartphone and subscribe to the internet, more Malaysians can enjoy the empowerment that comes with being connected.

Digi is committed to driving responsible and sustainable business practices. Responsible business is governed through a body of comprehensive policies and processes in its sourcing and supply chain, engaging employees, managing environmental impacts, and extending the benefits of mobile communications to all Malaysians.
Digi’s CSR programmes are encapsulate under “Empower Societies”. Through partnerships with stakeholders, Digi is able to identify, reach and bring benefits of internet to communities that are not connected by leveraging on its core business and technology. Digi funds and measures the results of its CSR work by the level of connectivity reached.

Seven corporate programmes run under Empower Societies, each targeting different community groups – youths, children, women, the underserved, and internetizens, but with a common goal of building strong digital communities.

Digi’s flagship programme, CyberSafe in Schools, nurtures a safer internet for all by building digital resilience and fostering responsible digital citizenship among Malaysian school children. To date, 80,000 students and more than 5,000 school teachers as well as 1,000 Bestari ICT teachers have benefited from this programme. The programme curriculum is supported by findings from the largest national survey of online behavioural patterns and cyber risks among children. An online portal also provides children with a fun and interactive cyber safety learning experience.

Digi’s other flagship programme is Digi Challenge for Change. In its 6th year, the competition taps the power of the internet to improve lives of communities. This year, Digi partnered with social change makers to find innovative internet enabled solutions that create sustainable, inclusive socio-economic impact for communities.
Digi Kg Internet For All (IFA) is an initiative to enable connectivity, and easy ownership of smart devices for rural and remote communities. Digi has launched Kg IFA in Kemaman, Terengganu and another in Tumpat, Kelantan.

WWWoW Internet For All Awards, recognises Malaysians who use the internet for good the opportunity to increase online creativity and entrepreneurism. Internet for all Women is a new initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering women in Malaysia.

Telenor Youth Forum (TYF) and Digital Winners are Telenor programmes that give Malaysians an opportunity to gain global exposure and share their innovations on an international level. TYF connects young opinion leaders to share digital communication innovations that are transforming societies. Digital Winners allow Malaysian technopreneurs to meet leaders and innovators in media, technology and communications to share insights on innovation and digital business opportunities.

The opportunities offered by mobile technology increases every day and Digi is committed to continuing to realise these opportunities by enabling individuals to grow; teams to better collaborate; and societies to advance – all while transforming people’s lives for the better.

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