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“CPC’s Angelic Mission”

CPC Corporation, Taiwan is Empowering Slow-flying Angels and Fostering Social Inclusion

CPC Corporation, Taiwan (“CPC”), established in 1946 and headquartered in Taiwan, is a prominent player in the oil and gas industry. The company’s primary mission revolves around the exploration, production, and distribution of petroleum and petroleum-related products, ensuring a stable energy supply for Taiwan. CPC actively engages in refining and marketing various petroleum-based products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and petrochemical products, playing a pivotal role in powering Taiwan’s economy and meeting its citizens’ energy needs.

Since its introduction of the innovative concept of “Kindness Gas Stations” in 2001, CPC has tirelessly worked towards providing employment opportunities and skills training to individuals with disabilities, affectionately referred to as “Slow-flying Angels.” This initiative aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), particularly “SDG4: Quality Education” and “SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth,” as it empowers the angels with professional skills and job opportunities.

At the heart of this initiative is CPC’s unique “counselor training mechanism,” teaching the angels from the ground up. They start by guiding vehicles into the station, extending a warm “Welcome,” handling transactions, and offering guidance throughout the refueling process. The angels are trained to ensure that customers leave with a heartfelt “Thank you for coming,” all following the Standard Operating Procedure of CPC. In January 2023, the Social Value International in the United Kingdom certified CPC, acknowledging its unwavering commitment to fostering social change.

In 2022, Taiwan had 46 Kindness Gas Stations, partnering with 17 counseling organizations. That December, 543 Slow-flying Angels worked as part-time employees, constituting 48% of such employees at company-operated gas stations. CPC received recognition from the Hsinchu City Government and the Taoyuan City Government Labor Bureau, along with accolades at the 2022 Global Views Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

The involvement of various stakeholders across CPC’s value chain further amplifies the impact of its community initiatives. CPC’s employees play a crucial role in implementing this project, facilitating the step-by-step development of the Slow-flying Angels’ professional skills and providing them with a nurturing and encouraging work environment. Suppliers also actively contribute to this endeavor, offering car wash training and specialized support for the angels. The unique approach adopted by CPC helps angels reach their full potential, instilling in them dignity and self-confidence. CPC’s customers, too, play a pivotal role. The company consistently evaluates customer experiences and satisfaction, with high scores in various services, including gas station refueling, car washing, and Cup & Go coffee. Customers’ positive feedback and participation are instrumental in enhancing the program’s success.

CPC seeks to expand its Slow-Flying Angels Community Initiative to other stations across Taiwan, encouraging the spread of this heartwarming initiative. By establishing platforms for the community to engage in acts of kindness at “Kindness Gas Stations,” “Kindness Car Wash Stations,” and “Cup & Go Coffee Shops,” CPC aims to create a more inclusive and compassionate society. The long-term success of the initiative is ensured by the transmission of core functions and commercial resources to enhance the employability of Slow-flying Angels. This includes the use of CPC’s counselor training mechanism, senior angels mentoring new recruits, effective communication between station heads and special education schools, and a diverse range of services. The continuous expansion of the “Kindness Gas Station” business model and similar initiatives guarantees more friendly workplaces and employment opportunities for Slow-flying Angels, sustaining their self-reliance and fostering a warmer and more hopeful society.

CPC’s commitment to promoting social inclusion is a testament to the power of compassion and inclusivity. It not only transforms the lives of Slow-flying Angels but also inspires other organizations to join the mission of creating a society full of warmth and hope.

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