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CPC Corporation, Taiwan

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Making Green Waves Through Collective Change

A cornerstone of Taiwan’s petrochemicals industry, CPC Corporation, Taiwan pushes the advocacy for nature protection towards equipping a harmonious society.

Formerly known as the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, CPC Corporation, Taiwan was founded in 1946 with a mandate to lead the country’s energy sector. CPC has fulfilled that commitment over the past 70 years through the import, exploration, refinement, transport, marketing, and sales of petroleum and natural gas, as well as the production and supply of petrochemicals. By ensuring a stable supply of petroleum products despite recurring oil crisis, liberalisation of the domestic market and fluctuations in production prices, CPC makes significant contributions to Taiwan’s economic development while giving precedence to the welfare of the country’s citizens.

In keeping with its vision to become a safe, clean and internationally-competitive integrated energy enterprise, CPC’s corporate strategy strongly emphasises sustainability with the aim to provide for present needs without compromising the needs of future generations to meet theirs. Therefore, CPC engages with its key stakeholder groups to uphold its sustainability policies which are primarily centered upon paying its dues to the society through energy conservation, the reduction of emissions, and environmental and ecological protection. CPC also pays attention to local development by nurturing relationships with local groups and communities and organising charity events to build social harmony.

Further honing in on industrial sustainability, environmental sustainability and energy sustainability, CPC cooperates with the government to promote green energy industry development and new energy policies, and actively invests in the research and development of environmentally-friendly processes, changes in production materials and the development of carbon reduction technology. All of the company’s business activities are also constantly assessed and refined to ensure that the highest standards of environmental protection are met.

With regards to the company’s priority economic, environmental and social (EES) impact areas, CPC plays its part based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Taiwan Sustainable Development Goals, and at the same time, incentivises its stakeholders to contrive win-win situations towards a more sustainable future.

These EES impact areas are identified and managed based on such constituents: Economic – The research and development of various business areas, and an emphasis on social responsibility and the expansion of service scope while adhering to government regulations and international standards; Environmental – The enforcement of clean production and environmental protection, and an effective use of resources, including water and energy; and Social – The advocacy for environmental protection with full transparency. Short-, medium- and long-term goals are subsequently set, with the EES considerations further implicated across its product and service design and delivery as well as its corresponding value chain through rigorous criteria and evaluations.

All of CPC’s efforts thus far have culminated in major accomplishments. As a case in point, CPC has garnered an air liquefaction revenue of NTD110 million, and an output value of NTD2 billion from its diamond water aquaculture endeavour. Environmentally, CPC has reduced over 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions across the board. In giving back to the community, CPC’s diamond water aquaculture activities have also made an impact by reducing the need for fish farmers to extract groundwater and slashing the risk of stratum subsidence, thus retaining the beauty of the coastal pipelines and landscape.

As far as people are concerned, CPC guarantees the rights and interests of its employees by creating a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment with comprehensive health management, training, and other health and wellbeing activities in place while implementing stern measures to minimise occupational accident rates. CPC further serves the surrounding community by contributing to the villages and locality, particularly by caring for the disadvantaged, promoting a green lifestyle and implementing sustainable land development, and promoting energy education through diverse initiatives that create a harmonious society.

“Sustainability is all the more crucial for the petrochemicals industry due to the inter-related complex and adverse impact on social and economic development as well as environmental aspects, and yet CPC Corporation, Taiwan has set in motion a brand new wave of industry standards we believe others should learn to emulate.”

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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