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Green Innovation Award

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Green Innovation Award


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The greening of supply chain solutions.

CEVA furthers the green agenda in shipping and logistics.

CEVA Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd (CEVA) was established in 1973 in Singapore. They provide and operate transportation and supply-chain solutions for large or medium size national and multinational companies. CEVA offers a broad range of services in both Contract Logistics and Freight Management, employing approximately 78,000 employees and operating over 1,000 facilities in more than 160 countries. Their experienced specialists focus on seamlessly designing end-to-end customized solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving supply chain needs, whatever the business sector.
CEVA is part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics. Their vision is to be an undisputed world leading reference in the logistics industry, with a mission to unlock value at every step of the supply chain. They look at their customers’ evolving supply chain needs and seamlessly design logistics solutions that best fit those needs.

As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA structures their sustainability approach around three pillars, which are Acting for People, Acting for Planet and Acting for Responsible Trade. These pillars cover the ten areas of improvement and correspond to the Group’s 13 sustainable priorities, out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Being in the maritime transportation and logistics business, the Company recognizes that the industry is indeed a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Annually, CEVA measures and provides a summary of the environmental indicators monitored, including the data boundary for indicators, the number of years for which indicators have been tracked and the existence of targets, if any.

In their efforts to further the sustainability agenda within the industry, CEVA is a member of the Clean Cargo Group and a founding member of the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), both being collaborative platforms to advance sustainability in the ocean transport sector and air transport sector, respectively.

CEVA published their first sustainability report in 2018, and have since kept close tabs on carbon emissions, energy consumption and air quality. All indicators contribute towards the achievement of being carbon neutral by 2050, a target set by CEVA, following the lead of CMA CGM Group. 

CEVA has begun working to decarbonize their inland transportation. To bring their carbon emission numbers down, CEVA has been testing alternative energies such as biofuel, natural gas and other technologies on the ground. 

In addition to ground transportation, they have also adopted measures to reduce energy consumption in their 755 warehouses worldwide. In 2020, 12.5% of their warehouses’ electricity consumption came from renewable sources. Currently, more than 40 locations are equipped with photovoltaics. By 2022, in a short span of two years, 63% of CEVA’s warehouses sites are LED equipped, with 33 sites, representing 500,000 sqm, being equipped with photovoltaics, resulting in 17.7% of their electricity supplied from renewable sources. 

As part of CEVA’s decarbonization plans for 2022, certain efforts have already been set in motion. They have invested in the building of eco-friendly warehouses, with a total of five new certified building projects in 2022 alone. They also offer their Less than Container Load (LCL) customers a Global Offsetting solution and began utilizing hybrid or electric vehicles for last mile delivery and inner city distribution.

Some other measures implemented by CEVA to integrate environmental considerations into the Company’s value chain include practicing of circular economy, particularly on their packaging, where lighter and greener packaging, which are recyclable and returnable, are used; and single use plastics are banned.

They have also initiated recycling waste management in some of their warehouse operations, coupled with collaboration with service providers on energy conservations efforts, such as LED panels that provide greater energy efficiency at work environment, while maintaining the lifespan of the lightings. 

With a set target to be carbon neutral by 2050, CEVA has adopted efforts such as Green Warehousing utilizing renewable energy, Alternative Energies in freight, Green Logistics in their urban delivery, Circular Economy in packaging and Visibility and Optimization in their processes.

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

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