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Community Initiative Award

Cebu Landmasters, Inc.

Community Initiative Award


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“Transforming Lives and Communities, Brick by Brick”

Cebu Landmasters Inc.’s Comprehensive Community Development Initiatives Are Creating Lasting Impact and Transforming Communities in Visayas and Mindanao

Cebu Landmasters Inc. (“CLI”), established in 2003 and registered in Cebu City, is the leading developer in Visayas and Mindanao (“VisMin”) and envisions to become the most customer-centric and community-focused organization in the region. With a commitment to stakeholder satisfaction, CLI is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange and is currently engaged in over 100 projects at various stages of development and in different categories across 16 key cities in VisMin. Its mission revolves around bringing excellence to every facet of the real estate journey.

The company is committed to creating lasting value by driving innovation and improving the quality of life for its people, customers, and communities, all while responsibly managing environmental impacts with transparency and ethics. The approach involves developing sustainable and resilient spaces in its products, supporting local markets for profit and progress, conserving resources and addressing environmental impacts for the planet, investing in its people, customers, and communities for their well-being, and achieving organizational efficiency and upholding strong corporate governance through its processes and practices.

CLI’s presence has transformed local communities in several ways. Firstly, the company actively sources 70-80% of its total spending in the VisMin regions where its operations are situated, with 74% of its suppliers hailing from these areas. Secondly, CLI has generated over 12,000 jobs, directly and indirectly, encompassing those supported by CLI’s developments through office and retail space leasing. As CLI’s construction projects reach completion, it is expected that the number of jobs created will reach the hundreds of thousands, including those by CLI’s partner locators who provide infrastructure.

Additionally, CLI has significantly contributed to public infrastructure support by building access roads, drainage systems, public markets, and transport terminals, positively impacting areas like Barangays Lahug, Apas, and Guadalupe, among others. Furthermore, the company has made strides in providing decent and affordable housing options for homeless and informal settler families, going beyond the requirements for socialized housing as a developer. For example, it has constructed a 5-story medium-rise tenement building in Barangay Lorega San Miguel in Cebu City, intended to resettle 100 families living along creeks, rivers, and other high-risk zones. CLI also constructed a 90-unit tenement building for the victims of the 2019 fire in Tipolo, Mandaue City.

CLI’s approach also extends to supporting local micro-entrepreneurs in the vicinity of its projects. The company studies the social baseline, covering the inventory of existing services around the project area’s periphery and the available manpower skills within the host and neighboring communities. This initiative results in the emergence and growth of ancillary services that thrive alongside CLI’s projects.

Lastly, CLI provides access to an integrated social development that covers education-to-employment programs (skills training/upgrading), disaster readiness and response, environmental sustainability, sanitation, and other support systems for host communities. This holistic approach reflects CLI’s commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on the communities it is a part of, particularly in a post-pandemic and post-disaster context.

CLI has adopted a holistic approach to community engagement, marked by its commitment to promoting social development and environmental responsibility. The company, through the Cebu Landmasters Foundation, Inc., has meticulously crafted a well-structured social development framework designed to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders. In 2022, CLI introduced a comprehensive four-pillar strategy, which aligns harmoniously with its employee volunteer program, empowering its internal teams to actively engage in a spectrum of community initiatives. CLI’s commitment to community engagement and the surrounding infrastructure improvements is a fundamental part of the company’s development plans. The company focuses on responsible planning and development, especially in areas where informal settler families are impacted. The approach is integral wherever CLI chooses to develop, ensuring not only its growth but also the betterment of the communities it is a part of.

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