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Community Initiative Award

Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited

Community Initiative Award


about Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited

Keeping Community At Heart

Sustainably impacting the community.

An unwavering presence in Thailand for more than 70 years, Bangkok Life Assurance PCL was established in 1951 in Bangkok, Thailand. As a life insurance company, Bangkok Life provides extensive financial planning services for every age span through life insurance and health insurance products, as well as accident insurance and mutual funds of partner companies.

Bangkok Life’s mission is to be the leader in establishing financial security for all groups of people, and to provide protection by offering financial advice and great service through its agents, partners and employees, who are trained to be experts in the field.

As a company, Bangkok Life subscribes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and has so far begun implementation of ten out of the 17 prescribed goals. Among the ten goals that Bangkok Life has identified include the cessation of poverty, an emphasis on good health and well-being, quality education, honorable work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequality, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and partnership in the achievement of these goals.

To this end, Bangkok Life has identified five primary community care initiatives that focus on community support, namely promoting financial planning knowledge, fair and open access to life insurance products, youth support, public health promotion, and environmental management, the building of environmental awareness, and conservation. 

Citing a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2016 which indicated the general Thai population’s financial planning knowledge stood only at 48.6 percent versus the OECD’s average of 65.7 percent, Bangkok Life stepped up to provide multiple avenues to improve community financial literacy rate. Offering financial planning knowledge development programs via their network of company representatives and providing education through participation in events such as ‘SET in the City’ and ‘Money Expo’, Bangkok Life hopes to provide a greater reach and make financial literacy more accessible.

During Covid-19 pandemic, Bangkok Life had launched numerus projects to support policy holders, especially the BLA Care @ Home which operated under BLA Health Partner Team. Launched at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, BLA Care @ Home provided health consulting services and delivered quarantine kits to policy holders who contracted the virus and had to undergo Covid-19 Home Isolation free of charge, no matter the type of policy held.

Bangkok Life also provided free coverage for medical expenses compensation from the coronavirus, as well as to those who experienced adverse effects after Covid-19 vaccinations. At the same time, the company also helped alleviate the burden of customers affected by the pandemic, by extending the payment grace period for an additional 60 days and waiving policy renewal fees and auto-loan fees. Furthermore, the company reduced waiting period for new health policies issued from 30 days to 14 days, so that the insured can receive benefits for claims sooner, during Covid-19. 

Realizing that the foundation for economic and social prosperity lies in the next generation, Bangkok Life is determined to support the development of youth, empowering them to be ready for future changes. Through initiatives like ‘My School Project’, Bangkok Life strives to enhance the quality of life and education of Thai youths, especially in remote areas.

Another youth-centered project undertaken was the ‘Rising Star Youth Athletes for the Olympics’ which saw Bangkok Life partnering with the Athletics Association of Thailand under Royal patronage and provincial-level agencies, to promote sports among youth across the country, and to discover new talent for the Thai athletics team for the 2020 Youth Olympics. 


In their efforts to increase public health promotions, Bangkok Life engages with the community through various communication channels such as health articles on Facebook, Line Official as well as the BLA Healthy Life application. They have also launched the BLA Healthy Station channel that produces health-related programs with cooperation from various healthcare industry partners such as hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to provide health knowledge to the public. 

On the environmental front, Bangkok Life is also active in building environmental awareness and organizing environment conservation activities within the organization and for the general public. Their 12th ‘Bhapy3’ Project saw industry participation in mangrove planting activities to raise awareness and appreciation of the conservation of nature and the environment. Internally, Bangkok Life also practices resource conservation through their ‘Happy Life Go Green’ initiative.

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