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Community Initiative Award

Bangkok Life Assurance PCL

Community Initiative Award


about Bangkok Life Assurance PCL

“A True Leader in Community Care”

Bangkok Life Assurance is Dedicated to Enriching Lives and Fostering Well-Being.

Established on 23 March, 1951, Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited (“Bangkok Life Assurance”) is a prominent player in the life insurance industry. It offers a diverse range of financial planning services to individuals, groups, and legal entities, including life protection, endowment plans, health coverage, and protection against accidental risks and diseases. Its vision is to educate people about the benefits of life insurance, helping them choose coverage that aligns with their financial status and life’s value. Its mission is to lead in establishing financial security and safeguarding the value of life, achieved through expert financial advice and exceptional service, particularly focused on health protection.

Bangkok Life Assurance, in line with its commitment to human rights, equality, and community development, operates with a strong focus on ensuring the protection of personal freedoms and dignity for all its stakeholders, both within and outside the organization. This commitment is evident in the company’s adherence to international human rights principles, with a pledge to respect the rights of customers, employees, partners, and the broader community. Notably, this includes upholding the labor and human rights of employees, from fair hiring practices to equitable treatment, as explicitly stated in the company’s code of conduct.

Furthermore, Bangkok Life Assurance is actively involved in fostering communal well-being and development through a variety of initiatives. It prioritizes sharing knowledge about financial planning and life insurance, aiming to deepen the public’s understanding of the importance of these topics. This educational outreach extends to social media channels where it publishes informative articles authored by certified financial planners and industry experts. Collaborating with media creators, it aims to reach a wider audience, thus contributing to the financial literacy of the community.

In addition, the company demonstrates its dedication to supporting Thai youth and society at large. Through its long-standing partnership with the Athletics Association Thailand, Bangkok Life Assurance provides insurance coverage for athletes and coaches, boosting their confidence and helping them reach their full potential in competitions. Moreover, it actively engages in youth development programs, like the Bangkok Life Assurance Young Athlete Rising Stars Championship Thailand, identifying talented athletes and nurturing their growth to inspire the younger generation.

Bangkok Life Assurance places significant emphasis on social responsibility, in alignment with its corporate governance principles. Its unwavering commitment to sustainability is recognized by its inclusion in the Thailand Sustainability Investment List (“THSI List”) for the financial industry, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable and responsible business practices. This commitment extends to its shareholders, society, the community, and the environment, facilitating readiness for change and fostering innovative solutions in line with corporate governance standards.

Throughout 2022, Bangkok Life Assurance made notable contributions. It participated in cultural activities, crafting candles for Buddhist Lent Day, respecting local traditions. In its religious pursuits, it supports Buddhist education through donations from the sales of Buddha statues and amulets. In terms of community safety and healthcare, it organized a blood donation event on life insurance day, highlighting the importance of blood resources. It provided water to officers and the public during the Songkran season, reinforcing safety in various areas. Its involvement in the Safe Community Campaign included donations of SOS Alert Machines and radio room equipment, creating secure environments.

Amid the COVID-19 challenges, Bangkok Life Assurance launched the Care@Home Program. It offered guidance and coordination with partner hospitals for virus-affected patients, providing home-isolation kits for those in isolation. It also reduced the COVID-19 case waiting period from 30 to 14 days, showcasing its commitment to supporting individuals during these trying times. The program aided 2,452 participants in the first quarter of 2022, highlighting its dedication to community well-being.

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