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Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia

Accenture, Inc.

Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia



Accenture Inc has struck a winning balance in their amalgamation of thought, heart and community-centric processes.

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Accenting the positives.

Making life great via processes and heart. 

Accenture Inc. was initially known as Andersen Consulting, which was formally established in 1989 when a group of partners from the Consulting Division of various Arthur Andersen firms around the world formed a new organization focused on consulting and technology services for managing large-scale systems integration and enhancing business processes.

Accenture is a leading global professional services company providing a broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, with digital capabilities across all its services. In the Philippines, the company delivers services in technology, operations and interactivity. By combining industry knowledge, technology expertise and a culture of innovation, the solutions giant helps clients unlock value and thrive in the age of intelligence.

Accenture in the Philippines conducts both internal and external sustainability reporting. The company’s Environmental Operating Committee reports bi-annually to Accenture’s Environmental Management Committee on the progress of its environmental initiatives. Globally, Accenture uses the Enablon tool to log its environmental reports as part of its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and contractual obligations with some of its clients. Accenture also has an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) materiality matrix, which serves as a framework for articulating global priorities and engaging with stakeholders. The company publishes it annually along with its Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Content Index.

Corporate citizenship is the backbone of the company and is not an ad-hoc programme. Its activities are organized into five main offerings designed to make a sustainable difference in people’s lives. The first activity is grant giving which is where the company provides cash grants to partner non-profit organizations that plan, implement and monitor initiatives aligned with its focus on skills building and talent development. In 2019, Accenture provided more than PHP 13 million in grants to partner organizations.

In its pro-bono programme, the company provides free technical assistance to partner non-profit organizations. In 2019, the Accenture provided pro-bono work hours’ worth PHP 8.4 million. Employee volunteerism is a large aspect of the company’s social outreach. 

Employee-volunteers are sourced through corporate citizenship clusters. These employees are then assigned to conduct employability workshops, design apps for communities or plant trees. Accenture also offers its employees the chance to donate a portion of their salary through its internal benefits portal. In 2019, Accenture collected more than PHP 30 million worth of donations to communities in need. The final activity that Accenture implements annually is personal computer donations. In 2019, the company donated more than 1980 desktop PCs to 66 public schools in the Philippines. 

Accenture’s focus on upskilling Filipino talent creates the foundation of a stronger future workforce for Accenture and the IT-BPS industry. By encouraging the younger generation to get into technology, the company helps ensure the sustainability of the industry. This also helps shrink the skills gap between the needs of the industry and the capabilities of the graduates. By equipping Filipino talent with employment skills, learners and jobseekers are able to source sustainable and rewarding employment. 

Accenture is not only uplifting the lives of individuals, but also the lives of their families and dependents. If the company is able to help them find jobs in the Philippines, this also prevents Filipino talent from migrating to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. Fully aware that a Responsible Business which articulates its purpose and makes a difference for its people and society is a more attractive employer for top talent, Accenture has made it a point to conduct business responsibly, so as to differentiate itself from the competition for the best talent. Accenture’s Responsible Business practices also positions the company as a preferred business partner of clients who share its values and advocacies.

“Accenture Inc has struck a winning balance in their amalgamation of thought, heart and community-centric processes” 

Shanggari Balakrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, MORS Group

“Accenture has made it a point to conduct business responsibly, so as to differentiate itself from the competition for the best talent”

Dr. Jayanthi Desan, Lead Jury, ACES Awards

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